Scenic Jewel/Jade/Crystal

It’s more than just a river cruise ship… it’s a custom-designed, 5-star Space-Ship and your home away from home where you can relax and unwind during your truly all-inclusive river cruise.

When you board your 135-metre length Space-Ship, unpack your bags just once and settle into your spacious, luxurious suite. With no more than 163 guests on board and a variety of dining, wellness and relaxation areas, there’s ample space to relax, explore, indulge and dream as you float by the European landscapes.

Through continuous innovation, we ensure optimal comfort for you on board your Space-Ship. Every thoughtful detail of our state-of-the art, intimate ships has been developed with the goal of delivering world-class, truly all-inclusive luxury river cruise experiences that are second to none. It’s more than just taking care of you. It’s ensuring your entire cruise is truly carefree by tending to every little detail, from your morning skim latte to your evening nightcap.