FirstClass Membership Benefits

Are you a frequent traveller looking for a specialist to manage all your First Class and Business Class travel arrangements?

Recent changes to airline pricing removed agent commissions on most airfares—a move which led to the introduction of the agent service fee. Budget conscious individuals with simple travel plans will most likely find booking online more affordable—however many great deals are not available online.

Did you know travel agents can hold seats for you during your planning stage and waitlist on lower fares—not possible when booking online and can save you thousands when booking first and business class.

First Class can manage the logistical planning of your travel itinerary and oversee all your travel arrangements by optimising your travel plans 12 months or more in advance. Searching for the cheapest fare each time can be time-consuming and overall costs you more.

Now you can save time and money while optimising your travel experience by removing the headaches and frustration during travel planning through First Class Membership.

Post Covid, travelling costs have skyrocketed! Advanced planning is the only way to keep costs down.

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The Benefits of Becoming a First Class Travel Member:

A dedicated senior advisor to handle all of your travel needs (airfares, hotels, cruises, etc) with knowledge of premium products and best routing for any given itinerary

Fare monitoring alerts to get optimal pricing across 12 months

Be the first to learn about new release or limited inventory on selected products

Priority Service, guaranteed response within one business day

Discounts on our service fees and products

Complimentary Platinum Cruising member access to cruise offers, exclusive inclusions, additional credits, discounts

Complimentary Points Advisory Service ($199 per year). Advice on earning & using points with maximum value

Invite to our first class client events, co-sponsored by some of the best brands in luxury travel, with prizes and great offers on the night

Join and become a First Class Member for just $495.

Introductory Offer
$295 for the first 100 members or from $750 for a corporate account

Money Back Guarantee

If we are not able to save you time and money in 12 months, we offer a full refund of your membership fees, subject to terms & conditions

We believe the value you receive well exceeds the cost. We establish the membership to better serve those who need and value our services.

Our First Class Travel Specialists not only save you headaches but will save you money and your time to do what you are best at.

Join the First Class family to make your life Easier and Richer

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Introductory Membership Special for the first 100 members at $295 (normally $495)

Level Price  
FirstClass Membership $295.00 now and renewal fee $395.00 per Year*. Join

*You can cancel your membership anytime. Membership fee is non refundable, and is subject to change.