The advantages of using for your travel arrangements Vs booking online

It’s been a common topic of conversation between seasoned travellers, and is especially prevalent in these complicated times… What is the real advantage of working with an experienced travel agent as opposed to doing your own arrangements on-line?

Here are Seven Important Reasons to use to book your travel arrangements.

Time preservation is everybody’s most vital commodity in this busy world. Your time is precious, it can be an arduous task trawling through the internet for deals, comparing prices, comparing comparison sites…browser after browser – just so you can save a few dollars. Not to mention since the Covid-19 pandemic, researching each country’s border restrictions and entry requirements and the airline procedures for each flight is something you can’t afford to get wrong.

Recent studies show that the average traveller can spend up to 30 hours researching their holiday, while visiting up to 38 websites before actually making a reservation. How much is YOUR time worth?

Let our team take all the hard work and worry out of your travel planning so that you can spend your time on the things that matter. With our extensive industry knowledge and expertise, we will tailor your perfect holiday experience working to your requirements, specifications and budget.

Expertise and Extensive Industry Knowledge
Our passionate, hand-selected team here at First Class Travel are experts in the field of luxury travel, and customer service is paramount to their selection. They have each been specifically trained to handle discerning travellers with high-end leisure itineraries to worldwide destinations. The team have travelled extensively and understand the most intricate parts of the travel and tourism industry.

It takes a unique and highly trained professional to ‘trouble-shoot’ tricky flight connections with multiple stops. Our team know the best transportation options to reach your destination, the most unique and well-located luxury hotels, the MUST DO sightseeing excursions and all other important logistics required including visas, taxes and service charges, exchange rates and more recently Covid-19 regulations.

It’s easy to get tripped up if you are not completely savvy with the on-line operators and their individual way of promoting their particular product. For example, a ‘room with a view’ can have many different definitions on-line, or does your room include city tax or surcharges?

Additionally, First Class Travel is one of the only travel agencies that offer our clients the unique option of combining both cash and redemption flights to find you the best airfare solution. We can also assist you in maximising your points value, by redeeming first and business class flights and luxury accommodation.

The common misconception is that Travel Agents charge a commission for their services and as a result may have a bias towards particular products. The reality is, Travel Agents receive their commission from the supplier to enable you to take advantage of the best prices, inclusions and benefits in the market.

The ‘best deals’ are not always online, this is another common misconception. The First Class Travel Team can direct you towards the best offers in the market, we do this by negotiating with suppliers and taking advantage of our strong business relationships to offer you unbeatable rates including some fantastic ‘value add’ components. This is simply not possible to do on-line, as you are just a number not a valued client.

For example, one First Class Team member recently negotiated a holiday at a 5-star resort in Dubai for a 20-night stay, saving the client $15,000 including an upgrade from the ‘breakfast only’ room rate to the ‘half board’ room rate.

Our creative ‘super savvy’ and supportive team can easily negotiate rates for you in an efficient manner – which is an impossible task for on-line robot engines!

When trawling through the internet looking for the best deals, you have to navigate numerous separate websites – one for flights, another for accommodation, another for a rental car and so-forth. Sure, there are sites that offer you discounted rates if you book all of your holiday components with the one company however this is offered so they can honour the partnerships they already have with various other companies – not because the product perfectly suits your needs.

First Class Travel is a one-stop Travel Shop, our team are specialists in all components for your holiday. Booking with the First Class Travel Team is like having your own private travel PA. We arrange every aspect of your travel from the basics, to the elegant touches & upgrades like limousine transfers, special dietary requests, a birthday cake for that special day or champagne on arrival to your hotel room The First Class Travel Team is the fundamental difference between a good holiday or an unforgettable holiday.

Customer Service
Good old fashioned customer service is still alive and well here at First Class Travel. In our fast-paced world of advanced technology and screen time – isn’t it nice to just talk to someone either on the phone or by email, a real person?

When planning your ‘bucket list’ trip of a lifetime, your honeymoon, anniversary getaway or your well-deserved break, it’s a great comfort to know an experienced professional is attending to every little detail. Our First Class Travel Team offer personalised service to cater to every component of your holiday, we will do everything within our power to ensure your trip is seamless from start to end.

We’ve got your back if you get stranded due to Covid-19, miss your flight, lose your wallet or have your passport stolen – wherever you are in the world. Mother Nature often has a mind of her own so having the 24-hour support of a First Class Travel Team member is like having your own personal travel insurance policy. Remember, without a Travel Agent you are on your own!

We reward you for your loyalty and your referral business. Your membership includes on-going annual travel planning, priority access to promotional offers, invitations to exclusive travel and tourism events and guidance towards redeeming frequent flyer points – membership is currently free so be quick to take advantage of this amazing offer.

Our First Class Travel Team has spent over 18 years building & nurturing strong relationships with our valued travel partners, giving us the ability to almost achieve the impossible – like getting your flight waitlist cleared, securing an upgrade or holding the very last room at that exclusive property. Sometimes it’s the ‘little touches’ that can make a world of difference to your much deserved holiday or all-important business trip, those things that you simply can’t achieve by booking on-line.

The team at First Class Travel keeps you well-informed and educated on the latest airfares, luxury cruises and accommodation specials worldwide with weekly newsletters, event invitations to luxury supplier presentations across Australia, and informative and inspirational blog topics on our website and social channels.

Working with the expert First Class Travel Team is like having your own personal travel PA, we are entirely dedicated to your travel plans!