Viking Venus

Journey Through the Isles: British and Scottish Highlights Await

Experience the captivating British Isles, from north to south. Delve into the rich heritage of Greenwich and Bergen with overnight stays. Explore iconic London, historical Dover, and vibrant Liverpool. Immerse yourself in Welsh culture amidst the beauty of Snowdonia. Encounter the contrasting charm of Dublin and Belfast, and venture to the picturesque Orkney and Shetland Islands. Uncover the legendary Scottish Highlands, Western Isles, and the vibrant capital of Edinburgh.


Italian Sojourn

From 21 Feb 24 to 24 Oct 24   7 nights

Viking Saturn

Rome Venice

From $5,095*/person

British Isles Explorer

Limited Availability for April 2024

19 Apr 24   14 nights

Viking Venus

London Bergen (Norway)

From $10,595*/person

Iceland & Norway’s Arctic Explorer

World-Class amenities and Immersive Cultural Experiences at every Port of Call

25 May 24   14 nights

Viking Mars

Bergen Reykjavík

From $9,495*/person

Image Credit : Unsplash, Pixabay