Wildebeest Migration Begins In Kenya

The annual Wildebeest great Migration has begun in Masai Mara, Kenya slightly earlier than expected, with the Zebra and plains game already started in earnest. Moving from the Northern Serengeti into the Southern Masai Mara, 1000’s of animals have already crossed the Sand River into the Southern sector of the Mara plains. From the Kenya side one can see the phalanxes of Wildebeest wearily trudging in long lines from the Serengeti’s Wakuria Hills into the Mara reserve. With their small calves the migration is driven on in search of new grazing into the Mara reserve and surrounding conservancies. Most often the Zebra herds appear first, with their stronger teeth, being more capable of chewing the longer tougher Red Oat Grass. The Wildebeest follow on their heels preferring the shorter greener grass fuelled by seasonal grass rains. Hopefully Kenya’s great herds remain in the Mara until at least the end of October, with multiple river crossings occurring spontaneously during this period. An unmissable experience!


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