Torrential Rains in North Queensland Cause Hotel Closures

North Queensland has been hit again this week with torrential rains that have caused flash flooding in some areas still reeling from Cyclone Yasi. As a result of Mother Nature’s bombardment some resorts in the areas of Cairns and Port Douglas have closed temporarily for the safety of travellers. Heavy rainfall totals ranging from 70 to 100mm were recorded to 9am between Cairns and Mackay. Especially soaked was the Central Coast and the North Tropical Coast with falls even up to 160mm. A large amount of moisture feeding into a coastal trough was the cause for the torrential falls. The heaviest falls along the Central Coast were recorded just before midnight, where Mackay Airport saw falls up to 12mm in only 10 minutes, adding to a total of 85mm to 9am. Mackay’s monthly total is now at 539mm, 342mm above average and their wettest month in 11 years.

The coastal trough is expected to weaken late today as a ridge of high pressure moves in. It will stay wet in the next 24 hours with widespread falls up to 50mm between Rockhampton and Cardwell. Places between Townsville and Mackay will see the heaviest with possible falls up to 100mm. However damage from the flooding may still be a problem after this. If you have been planning on travelling to North Queensland be advised that some closures may be in effect.