This Years Top Destinations Revealed

As Australia starts heading into its hibernation period with the colder seasons just around the corner, the rest of the world begins to wake up to sunny mornings – which is as good an excuse as any to start planning a trip to some of the top destinations in 2013.

Virtuoso surveyed 48 of it highly experienced travel agents to find out where travellers are likely to be making their way to this year with the results highlighting destinations that are high in culture, events and scenery:

  • Myanmar – This result is an echo of many industry reports that are urging travellers to visit Myanmar and enjoy its unspoiled culture and nature before efforts are made to make the site attractive to tourists aka millions of people and Western shops on every corner.
  • South America – Major events such as Brazil hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games are making interest in travelling to South America more prominent and improved accessibility from Australia is making getting over there easier. The value for money is quite an incentive too!
  • Morocco – It’s closeness to Europe makes it an easy country to visit, whilst it’s diversity and interesting sites keep it high on traveller’s ‘to visit’ lists.
  • Bhutan – A joint third place with Morocco, Bhutan was chosen especially for its range of luxury properties as well as beautiful scenery and culture.