Thai Airways First Class: A Touch of Royalty

Thai Airways is famed for its attentive customer service both on the ground and in the air. As one of the leading airlines in the world, at the heart of this hospitality is the carrier’s Thai culture and heritage; friendliness and making you feel at home wherever you’re headed to in the world. Thai Airways Royal First Class is no exception. Indeed, travelling in Thai Airways First Class cabin magnifies the experience of being pampered and cared for.

From the ground up

Entering the Royal First Lounge in Suvarnabhumi airport Bangkok is like entering a secluded sanctuary in the middle of a bustling outstation. Retreat in a private room, enjoy an a la carte meal, freshen up in a shower suite, and maybe take a nap in a slumber room – and don’t forget your free hour-long Royal Thai massage in the spa (best booked prior to your flight)!

Extra touches, like ordering your food from an iPad menu and a buggy ride from your arriving flight to the lounge, really makes all the difference on a long-haul flight.

Flying on a cloud

On board Thai Airways First Class, traditional Thai motifs combine with modern design to produce a warm contemporary interior. The cabins feature spacious semi-private suites (found on the A380s and upgraded B747s) that provide a luxurious and intimate experience. Each suite, dressed in elegant leather, adjusts to a number of different reclines from upright to fully flat (although there is a noticeable slight incline on the older B747s). The transformative seats effortlessly unfold into an eight-feet long bed that are wide enough to allow you turn in your sleep without bumping into a wall (23 inches on the B747s and 27 inches on the A380s).

TGFirstClassSeat (2)


You are never at a loss for space in Thai Airways First Class cabins. The B747s luxury pods afford nearly seven feet of space between each Royal First seat. Dining and working is a pleasure on the oversized surface provided with plenty of storage (and stowage) areas to give you room to both dine and work.

Furthermore, there are also lounge areas to socialise at or to go to stretch your legs and changing rooms to slip into the comfortable inflight pyjamas provided. Spacious suites in an aesthetically harmonious cabin will make you feel like you’re not just flying in the clouds, but on one.

Restaurant in the sky

When you board a Thai Airways First Class flight, often you might be greeted by the inflight chef then you know you’re in for a treat – especially your taste buds. It all starts with a glass of Dom Perignon (or your favourite cocktail or whatever you fancy).

Caviar is the next culinary order (on intercontinental routes) served with the traditional condiments. There are canapes of a variety of cheese, figs, and other such luscious fruits to whet the palate. Fine flavours that fuse Thai and Western influences can be tweaked according to your own personal tastes and you can even pre-order your preferred meals before your departure. It’s not just inflight dining – it’s fine dining in the sky.


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