Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Seasonal Activities

Autumn Activities at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort


Horse Safari

The rolling fells of Lapland are made for horse riding. The vat landscapes and the great silence make this horse safari a true exceptional and captivating experience. Roaming the wide-open wilderness on a Finnish horse, you’ll find it hard to avoid the feeling of a little cowboy – or cowgirl – awakening within you. The children also have a chance to ride on Icelandic horses.



Gold Paanning

Gold mining has take place in the area of Kakslauutanen for centuries. Many have been seriously struck with gold fever, and they have remained in Lapland for life. At the gold-panning site, you’ll get to try your luck.



Husky Hiking and Husky Farm Visit

Experience the arctic wilderness with a loyal companion, a husky dog. Together you will experience the amazing views and arctic nature of the Kiilopää Fell area, right on the border of Urho Kekkonen National Park, the largest national park in Finland. The climb is moderate. You will learn about the arctic National Park, the largest national park in Finland. The climb is moderate. You will learn about the arctic wildlife and the plants along the way. The hike ends at the husky farm where you get to thank your companion. Also, who knows if you are going to see some of the incredibly cute husky puppies?



Cruise on Lemmenjoki River & Visit Sámi Museum

Many people in Lapland reckon that the Lemmenjoki National Park is the most beautiful area in the province. On a riverboat cruise, you’ll get acquainted with the Sami village of Lemmenjoki and make a stop a the waterfall of Ravadas. While you’re having lunch on the shore by the fire, the guide will tell you tales of gold mining, local reindeer herding and the Sami culture. On the way back, you’ll visit the Sami museum of Siida in Inari.




Mushroom & Berry Picking

After the northern lights and the midnight sun, on Lapland’s best-known natural treasures are betties and mushrooms. The impact of the night less night on nature is extraordinary. Due to the high exposure to sunlight in a short period of time, the regions berries & mushrooms are both tasty and packed with vitamins. The cloudberry is a local speciality; people come from all corners of the world to pick & enjoy this wonderful berry. Travellers are free to help themselves to the natural treats of the forest & wetlands.




ATV Safari

One an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) safari you get to ride in diverse terrain and see Lapland’s nature open up in a completely different way than in the winter. Choose between various distance options for our ATV safaris. There is also an Aurora hunting option available.




Canoeing the Wilderness

Canoeing is one of the best ways to immerse to the pure nature of Lapland. Your experienced guide provides gear and instructions so you are all set for your adventure. The Ivalo River is almost entirely a wilderness river. Paddle peacefully on the calm waters of the Ivalvo River and admire the surrounding wilderness. When you are having a break and enjoying soup lunch by the open fire the guide will tell you stories of the local nature, historic culture. The ricer is nicknamed the “river of gold" as during the Lapland gold rush plenty of gold was found on its banks.




Mountain Biking

The vicinity of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort there are dozens of kilometres of well-marked biking routes, both for beginners and active cyclists. You can rent a bike from us for the easy routes.




You won’t find a better place for hiking or trekking than Kakslauttanen anywhere in northern Europe. You can enter the Urho Kekkonen National Park, one of Finland’s largest natural conservation areas, right behind out chalets. And the Lemmenjoki National Park is just down the road too. Don’t worry about taking water bottles with you either – the environment here is clean so that you can drink straight out of a mountain stream.




Fishing Trips

This is where rue anglers come to make their dreams come true, but also where beginners can get a taste for this exciting sport. There are more than a few crystal-clear rivers just a short car ride from Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort where anglers of all kills and ages can try their luck. Trout, grayling and Arctic char are among the many fish populating our rivers.




Chasing the Northern Lights

The magnificent aurora will often light the skies of the North Lapland from late summer. The organised aurora trips starting late August. You can go aurora chasing with is on horseback or in a horse-drawn carriage. Of course, you prefer the other type of horse power; you can get there just as well on a quad bike.



Winter & Spring Activities at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort


Husky Safari

There are two big husky farms right next door to Kakslauttanen. It won’t take you long to get a feel for steering huskies, and before you know it, you’ll be sledding through the wilderness drawn by these eager friendly dogs. No petrol fumes, no rumbling engines – just you and the call of the wild. There is a range of safari lengths available, from a snappy 15-minute ride to a full-on overnight adventure.



Reindeer Safari

The reindeer safari is a relaxing trip into nature, hosted by local reindeer herders. On a reindeer safari you can chat with locals and connect with Sami people in an authentic way.  Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort offers varying lengths of the safari, with the longest including an outdoor lunch.



Snowmobile Safari

This is the fastest, loudest and most adrenaline-pumping way to get around in Lapland’s nature. On the snowmobile safari, you’ll ride down the fell into the snowy forest, enjoying some of the best scenery the region has to offer. The two-hour safari includes an outdoor coffee break, while the four-hour safari includes lunch prepared over an open fire and enjoyed out in the open. For those craving more this safari also has an overnight offer.



Snow Tank Safaris

However cold and windy the weather, you’ll be warm and comfortable in the enclosed panoramic sleigh, pulled by the unique snow tank. On this safari you’ll be taken across the snowy fells while you take in the beauty of the landscape surrounding you, with a guide to answer all your questions and tell you more about what you are seeing. Choose form a two to three-hour ride, with a break for traditional refreshments on the way.



Horse-riding & Sleigh Riding

Winter horseback riding is worth a try, even if you’ve no previous experience. Children can also give it a try. The Finnish Christmas comes to live in a special way when sleigh riding, with the snowy forest around you, the sound of bells tinkling in your ears, and the comfort of warm blankets covering you.




Aurora Hunting

Seeing the northern lights casting their magical glow across the Arctic sky is always an impressive sight, but what makes it truly unforgettable is a special trip to chase this natural phenomenon. Imagine a nocturnal adventure in the wilderness, riding a sleigh drawn by a reindeer or horse, enjoying the panoramic views from the snow tank’s sleigh, speeding along on a snowmobile, or perhaps gracefully gliding on skis.



Ice –fishing Safari on Lake Inarijärvi

How about going ice fishing on Inarijärv with a local guide? You can also take part in searching and emptying winter nets. After a lunch prepared over an open fire, you will be able to ride snowmobiles to a church in the wilderness, at Pielpajärvi, and then on to the museum of the Sami people at Siida.




Skiing and Ski School

Saariselkä has frequently been ranked as one of the world’s best cross-country skiing destinations. The diverse network of ski tracks run for almost 200 kilometres, with around 30 kilometres being illuminated. At Kakslauttanen, you can get going right from the yard of your chalet. They offer ski instruction to people of all ages, and the ski bus service means you’ll be able to enjoy all parts of the extensive network tracks. The ski season is long – tracks are usually available in October, and you can ski right through into May.




Down Hill Skiing & Snowboarding

Te two fells of Saariselkä, Finland’s most northernmost ski centre, are just a 15 minute drive from Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. Saariselkä boasts 15 slopes of varying difficulty, and also boasts a Freestyle Park.




Icebreaker Sampo

An icebreaker cruise out of the town of Kemi is one of Finland’s most popular travel attractions, and this nautical experience is within easy reach of Kakslauttanen. Over the course of the day-long trip, you’ll also have  the opportunity to take a dip in the icy Bay of Bothnia – in a dry suit, mind you. The period for icebreaker cruises extends from mid-December until the end of April.


Summer Activities at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Apart from experiencing gold panning, husky hiking & husky farm visits, horse safari’s, hiking, or participating in the ATV Safari, mushrooms & berry picking, fishing or mountain bike riding as well as cruising on Lemmenjoki River & visiting Sámi Museum that are offered in other seasons, (as outlined above), some of the activities at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort are exclusive to summer.


Day Trip to Inari

On the Inari day trip you’ll visit a reindeer farm to get up and close with these calm and loveable creatures. A trip to Siida Museum, the National Museum, of the Finnish Sámi, will give you a unique look at Sámi culture and the nature of Northern Lapland. The day also includes a cruise on Lake Inari, with a visit to Ukko Island, a holy place of the Sámi.



Enjoying the Midnight Sun

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort organises many opportunities for adventure under the midnight sun. You can admire the bright magical nights on horseback or in a horse-drawn carriage. Or, you prefer motors to horses, take one of the magical quad bikes and drive towards the sun. They’ll even organise a car ride straight to the peak of Mount Kaunispää, if that’s what you’d prefer.




To Northern Norway in a Rental Car

Kakslauttanen serves as an excellent base if you’re also thinking about visiting Norway – North Cape, for example. If you’re flying in, you can conveniently collect a rental car at the Ivalo Airport or, alternatively, at the hotel.



Canoeing and White-water Kayaking

Would like to canoe calmly on peaceful waters or throw caution to the wind and take your Kayak straight down the rapids? You can do both with Kakslauttanen. White-water kayaking on the Juutua River is a thrill like unlike another, but for travellers looking for a more sedate experience, they can organise unforgettable canoeing and kayaking trip on the Lutto River. Kakslauttanen also rent canoes for camping trips.