Londons £600million Proposed Floating Cycleway

River Cycleway Consortium has proposed a unique idea of introducing the floating cycleway along the Thames. The cycle path would rise and fall gently with the Thames’ natural tide. There would be refreshment kiosks and halting points available, and also a bicycle fleet available which will include family-friendly infant carriages and kid’s bikes.

This proposed construction would serve as a nearly eight-mile cycling route from Battersea to Canary Wharf. On the other hand, it will reduce congestion and pollution while encouraging more people to use cycle.

Cyclists would save an estimated 30 minutes on their journey if they were to travel from one end of the route to another, given the time it would take to travel between the two destinations when cycling on public roads where the other vehicles are also running.

Designed for commuter and leisure cyclists and pedestrians, the east-west cycle way could be constructed along London’s busy waterfront within two years if it is approved, according to the consortium. Under the proposal, two new urban cycle ways – an 18-mile east-west route from Barking to Acton, and a three-mile north-south route from Elephant & Castle to King’s Cross – would link to other routes at a cost £47m.the path would complement the ‘Crossrail for bikes’ as Mayor Boris Johnson of the Consortium said.