Japan Has Finally Reopened Its Borders

After multiple levels of border closures due to Covid-19, Japan has finally reopened to the world for visa-free travel; and is one of the last countries to do so following the pandemic.

The country has dropped all entry requirements, allowing tourists to travel freely to Japan. This means that short-term visitors will no longer need to apply for tourist visas, nor will there be a limit to the number of visitors entering per day.

So What Does This Mean For Australian Travellers?

Australian passport holders can enter Japan without a visa and with no covid testing or quarantine requirements.

Due to Japan’s heavy restrictions over the past two and a half years, the Japanese Yen has dropped to its lowest in over 20 years. This means that a trip to Japan is more affordable than ever for Australians and is now back on the cards for Aussies.

How Australians Can Take Advantage Of Japan’s Border Opening?

Japan has a lot to offer from breathtaking natural scenery to world-class selection of food, as well as several activities that you can do throughout the year. So, whether you used to be a frequent visitor to Japan, or you are dreaming to cross a trip to Japan off your bucket list; you can start planning your vacation now.