How To Get The Best Value When Booking Your First & Business Class Flights?

The most coveted airline tickets for both business and leisure travellers are the first class seats. After all, who wouldn’t like to access VIP lounges with complimentary gifts from their carriers? Not to mention, having a suite or private ‘room’ on a plane with champagne drinks during your journey.

We all know that the cost of first class tickets are generally around 7 times the cost of economy class, with business class not far behind. Flying first class may not be the most practical way to get to your destination, as a single one-way ticket could cost you around $15,000 to $23,000. Still, travellers are willing to pay for a luxurious experience due to its air travel comfort.

Both first & business class tickets offer priority boarding the plane. You could travel without the stress of checking in early.

With first class tickets, you will get priority boarding the plane and additional luggage at no extra cost. You could travel without the stress of checking in early. The same goes for business class, where you are more likely to get seats, especially on domestic flights.

So, have you ever flown first class or business class on an international flight, or have considered it but not sure if it is worth the money? Here’s how you can get the best value when booking your first & business class flights.

Book As Early As Possible

As a general rule of thumb, it is always better to start tracking prices early in order to get a good deal. Planning your trip 12 months in advance from the date you are planning to travel, will help you get the best value for your money. Time is the key when booking first and business class tickets as the prices can be very high; especially if you make a last-minute booking.

Be As Flexible As You Can

In your planning, try and be as flexible as you can. You will quickly find that flexibility in your timing is key. Yes, you can usually book seats for last minute travel too, but the chances are limited and you won’t have much choice! If you leave some leeway with departure date and even your point of departure, then your booking experience should become easier.

Now that domestic and international travel is back on the agenda for Australia, travel demand (including first class and business class seats) is skyrocketing.

Find A Consolidator Fare

One of the best ways to get first class or business class fares is by working with a trustworthy travel specialist. A great travel specialist can score good deals for their clients by booking consolidator fares – airlines’ discounted seats on less popular flights. Today, airlines see consolidator fares as a reliable way to sell a great percentage of first and business class airfares, establishing revenue targets and tightly control sales through a specific kind of booking class. These rates are also known as private or bulk fares. 

Keep Your Travel Options Open

Thinking about your next getaway? Where would you fly to? Many people may automatically gravitate towards Paris, London or Rome. But if you broaden your horizons to many destinations nearby, then your options will really begin to open up.

There are several airlines that fly to many major cities in Europe such as Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways. Think about the other European cities nearby, such as Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid and Edinburgh; your wallet will also thank you.

Often times you can’t afford to be flexible. This may include business travel or emergency trips.

If that is the case, you will need to try your best to search for seats within your limits. However, if there aren’t many options, you will have to potentially pay for the fare no matter the cost.

Consider Booking A Holiday Package

Travel agents can often score the best fares for those who book a full holiday package. For example, some cruise lines offer all-inclusive packages with business class flights included.

Thinking about booking a hotel or car rental in addition to your flight? While hotels are known for hiding deep discounts within inclusive deals, you can score discounted airfares too. Search for packages rather that booking separately.

Always Weigh Out All The Costs

When you plan your luxury vacation, it is always a good idea to weigh out all the costs that are going to be involved. Our professional travel specialists know that the base price of a ticket rarely covers the total cost of the flight, and they do the extra work to find their clients the best overall value when it comes to first class and business class airfares.

You can do the same by adequately researching add-ons, like baggage fees, overweight charges, wi-fi and more. Bare in mind that travel agents also pay close attention to fees and additional charges which can be easily missed.

Just To Sum Up

So what is the moral of booking your first and business class flights? The moral is to book early and be as flexible as you can! If you can’t get the perfect itinerary, you will have to be happy with your travel plans being ‘close enough’. Maybe you won’t have the perfect departure time or layover, but at least you can rest happily knowing that you’re going on that trip, one way or another.