Heathrow Could Implement Free Wi-Fi

Heathrow Airport could introduce free Wi-Fi in the next six years as part of a new GBP3 billion investment announced today.

If approved, the London airport will use the private funding for various initiatives including the Wi-Fi, self-service bag drop facilities and to complete Terminal 2. In addition the money will be used to extend Terminal 2; integrate a new baggage system; redevelop taxiways; staff training and eventually refurbish Terminals 3 & 4.

However the changes could increase ticket prices for passengers after bosses planned to increase landing charges for airlines.

Its new plans were outlined as part of its strategy submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for 2014-2019, where it aims to boost passenger numbers from 69.5m to 72.6m a year. The CAA will announce its decision in January 2014. 

“Heathrow faces stiff competition from other European hubs and we must continue to improve the service we offers passengers and airlines," said Colin Matthews, chief executive at Heathrow. “We have invested billions of pounds in new facilities such as Terminal 5 in recent years and passengers say they have noticed the difference. Our plan for a further £3 billion of private-sector investment will further improve the airport for passengers."

The new Terminal 2 is to reopen in 2014 with Terminal 1 to close in 2016 once airlines are moved over.