Hamilton Island Voted Number One Domestic Travel Destination For Australians

Late last year Google Australia released a list of the top ten holiday hotspots that Australians had selected to travel to in the past year. Topping the list for 2011 was Hamilton Island, due to its convenient location and stunning natural beauty.

Ideal for all sorts of holidayers, from thrill seekers to families looking to relax in the sun. Due to its location on the Great Barrier Reef, snorkelers and scuba divers flock to its shores to see some incredible coral reefs and dive spots. Not only are there dozens of activities to choose from, the accommodations are also top-notch and offer guests wonderful opportunities to indulge and relax. 

Hamilton Island Queensland
Hamilton Island is perfectly situated amongst the Whitsunday Islands, a group of 74 islands just off the Queensland coast, at the edge of the Great Barrier Reef. Hamilton Island is one of the most popular Whitsunday islands offering an idyllic island experience.