Firstclass Team

All of our travel specialists will strive to go that little bit extra, to exceed your expectations and provide you with a FirstClass Experience.


Tina Tong – Managing Director

Tina is the founder of FirstClass, has been managing retail travel since 2000. Tina is passionate about travel and has travelled extensively worldwide. Tina’s Motto: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breaths away. This is reflected in the amazing products FirstClass offers and the team’s commitment to delivering an amazing experience! Tina is in charge of strategic direction, company performance, product/marketing team and web development team.

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Garry McLaughlin – Operations Manager

Garry moved to Australia from Scotland in 2009 and is loving every minute of it. He has had over 28 years experience of travel with 26 of those managing for both independent and multi-national companies helping lead every team to success. He has been Operations Manager of for 8 years and has assisted it to grow into one of the leading luxury travel providers in Australia.

Garry has a passion for travel and cruising and has visited Denmark, Turkey, Spain, Balaeric islands, Canary islands, Italy, Monaco, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Ireland, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Gibraltar, Toronto and Niagara, Las Vegas, Florida, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, Cayman Isles, Martinique, Bahamas, St Kitts, Greneda, Cayman Isles, Cozumel and many more Caribbean islands while cruising. Since moving to Oz, he has been to Fiji, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand cruising, Hawaii and various Australian sights….with many more to see.

If Garry hasn’t been there, you can be fairly sure that he has sent some customers to the destination or he will be thrilled to find out about your chosen destination and ensure you have a memorable trip.

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Andriana Sardelis – Senior Travel Specialist

Andriana joined the FirstClass team in 2013 with over 17 years experience in the travel industry. She has travelled extensively around South Pacific, USA and South East Asia plus Greece, Cyprus, and the UK and will give great service no matter where you wish to travel.

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 Nick L

Nick Lalak – Travel Specialist

Nick has spent a lot of time travelling around and trying to experience everything. He has visited places such as Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, Denmark, England, Scotland, Holland, Austria, extensively through the USA, including Hawaii, and also to Mexico.

Nick is also our ski specialist. He has spent 20 years in the snow both skiing and snowboarding and has been lucky enough to test out the mountains around Australia as well as St Anton in Austria, Vail in the USA, and many of the mountains around Queenstown.

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Joshua Hunter – Travel Specialist

Josh has been involved in travel for the last 8 years across a variety of roles in the industry and has had the opportunity to spend time working in Australia and the UK to build his knowledge up on a variety of products.

He has travelled extensively across Asia and Europe and has also travelled through the United States and the South Pacific. He loves matching up the right fares for his customers and prides himself on his service.

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Ebony Davies – Travel Specialist

Ebony is an aspiring travel consultant in training. She has grown up in the Blue Mountains, one of greater western Sydney’s most iconic tourist destinations and is passionate about travelling.  

She is very experienced in cruising, and has been to New Caledonia, Vanuatu and New Zealand on over 10 cruises. She has also been to Thailand, Fiji and Vietnam, and has recently travelled extensively through Switzerland and has explored Tokyo.

Ebony will endeavour to assist the FirstClass team and FirstClass clients with anything she can.

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Susanna Migliorini – Travel Specialist

Susanna has relocated to Sydney after completing her bachelor in Tourism and Travel Management in Germany. She has travelled to various destinations such as Denmark, Netherlands, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, South Africa, Bali and Dubai. She is more than happy to assist you to plan your upcoming travels.

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Patrick Izzo – Travel Specialist

Patrick has a great passion and skill in seeking out unique and difficult to access destinations and understands the complexity of different airfares and how best to achieve memorable flights at the best prices, be it for business or pleasure. He has the personal experience of travel in over six continents, be it by flying, cruising, touring and memorable accommodations. Great customer service and inspiring others to travel is his passion.

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Jessica Wright – Travel Apprentice

Jessica is our receptionist and is training to become a travel consultant. Jessica is passionate about travelling and experiencing what the world has to give.

Jessica has travelled to France, London, Fiji and will shortly be travelling around Japan. Jessica has also recently embarked on two cruises through the South Pacific being New Caledonia, Vanuatu & Fiji.

Jessica is willing to help her team at FirstClass and FirstClass customers in any way.

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The Products Team

Allen is in charge of keeping our website up to date with the best deals in holidays, airfares and cruises so you can be ready to plan your next getaway. The team is focused on keeping and its affiliates in line with the latest innovations in tech and web marketing.


The IT Team

Ben and Andrew are in charge of our IT department. The IT team is in charge of managing in-house networks and work on designing, developing and updating our web and mobile sites. 



The accounts team at is run by Cynthia, Ramesh & Haiyan (Anna) Hu. They have had extensive training in travel-specific accounts management and ensure that the FirstClass operation runs smoothly.