Etihad Airways Increases Transfer Options between Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Etihad Airways has launched a new service stop for its complimentary luxury coach service, Etihad Express, at the Dubai Marina Mall, extending the airline’s reach within its UAE home market and making Dubai more accessible than ever for Etihad’s overseas passengers.

The Dubai Marina Mall location, in addition to the current stop at Chelsea Towers on Sheikh Zayed Road, will offer complimentary ground transport for Etihad passengers between Dubai and Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The fleet of Mercedes-Benz coaches is equipped with elegant interiors, ergonomically-designed seats, excellent climate-control systems, an entertainment system and high-resolution 14-inch monitors.

With up to 10 buses a day, the luxury coaches are available to all passengers as a quick and comfortable transfer option. The new Marina Mall location will also include free parking for Etihad guests, for a simple ‘park and ride’ experience. The airport in Abu Dhabi offers a dedicated Etihad terminal, less queues to pass through, and timely immigration processing, allowing guests to enjoy a fast disembarking journey, from aircraft to kerb in less than 45 minutes.

Travellers who are not flying with Etihad may also book a transfer aboard the luxury coaches at a one-way cost of only AED75 per person.

This new service comes as an addition to the existing services provided by Etihad, simplifying travel into and out of Dubai. The check-in facility at Chelsea Tower in Dubai allows guests the opportunity to personally check in six to 24 hours before a flight, check in their baggage and travel to Abu Dhabi via the luxury coaches. Free parking is also offered at Abu Dhabi International Airport for Dubai residents travelling with Etihad promotionally until June 15, 2011. For premium passengers arriving from any destination, Etihad offers a complimentary private, premium chauffer service directly between Abu Dhabi International Airport and anywhere in the UAE.

Supplementary to Dubai transfer routes, Etihad also provides complimentary luxury coach service from the inland city of Al Ain.