Emirates Reveals New Boeing 777 Business Class Seat

Emirates has showcased its new Boeing 777 Business Class seat – set to take off from November on all new Boeing777-300ER jets. 

There is plenty to like about the new design, with fully-flat bed seats (unlike the current angled sleepers on the 777), along with a mini-bar and a large 23 inch entertainment screen. 

The only downside may be in the 2-3-2 layout which means that the middle passenger will not have direct airsle access. 

Each seat features high walls offering plenty of privacy, and hidden in your sidewall is the small chilled mini-bar. 

The cross-stitched leather seats will remind you of a high-end British automotive or British Airways’ new Boeing 787-9 First Class. 

However, Emirates will not be retrofitting the new seat into its current Boeing 777 fleet as these planes will be discountinued from 2020 when Emirates begins to fly the new Boeing 777X. 

Emirates is also developing a new version of its current first class suites, which the airline has described as less of an airline seat and more like “a private railway cabin". 

This new suite is set to appear first on the Airbus A380, followed by the Boeing 777. 

Tim Clark, the President and CEO of Emirates, has stated that “our new bedroom concept will take [privacy] to the next level."

“We’re talking fully enclosed rooms, with all the touches and amenities that you’d expect in a hotel or a private bedroom on a luxury yacht, room service and so on."