Emirates Offer Perth Passengers Faster European And USA Connection

This week, Emirates have announced changes to their departure schedule leaving from Perth Airport, in order to create faster connections for travellers heading to Europe or America.

Emirates’ afternoon flight from Perth to Dubai is moving to a later departure time, providing passengers on this flight with quicker onward connections to many of Emirates destinations across Europe and the United States.

Emirates regional manager Western Australia, Darren Tyrrell said the changed flight time demonstrates Emirates’ commitment to providing Western Australians with a seamless travel experience.

“Flying to Europe via Dubai already shaves up to three hours off more traditional routes via Asia and this shift in our afternoon flight means even shorter stopover times on this daily flight. Western Australian travellers choosing to depart late afternoon now have the chance to arrive at their final destinations even quicker than before,” Mr Tyrrell said.

The connection to EK007 to London Heathrow for example now has a stopover of just under 140 minutes, while those travelling on EK423 and onward to Milan will have a stopover just shy of three hours.

Other destinations with improved connections due to the later flight departure include Rome, Paris, Frankfurt, Manchester in Europe and Dallas and Washington in the United States.

Emirates also operates two other daily flights from Perth to Dubai – EK425 departing at 6am and EK421 departing at 10.20pm, both offering convenient connections to Emirates network of destinations.