Mykonos, Greece

Image Credit : Johnny-Africa, Unsplash, Pixabay

As one of the world-renowned Greek islands, Mykonos is located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea and belongs in the Cyclades complex. It is close to the islands of Tinos, Paros, Syros, Naxos.

Marked by whitewashed houses, domed churches, imposing windmills, and a labyrinth of winding streets, Mykonos flaunts its unique, vibrant and perky character along with its party-oriented personality. It courts with the top island destinations of Europe’s charts annually.

Everywhere you go you will find a dash of the iconic bold blue colour – on doors, shutters and window frames, sea and sky. The harbour emerges with colourful fishing boats, vendors selling fish and the locals and visitors seated by the seaside cafes.

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