Designing a Rooftop Spa Journey at London Park Lane

The new Spa at the soon-to-open Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane pampers guests from the minute they arrive until they depart feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

The leading edge in spa journeys is soon to debut at the totally reconstructed Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane in what is expected to be a world destination among urban spas.

This unique London perspective provided the inspiration for what Parry has called “a celestial spa" and “a spa of the heavens." Constructed on top of the original 10-storey building, this bright, airy space is outlined by a curving ribbon of windows. Above is a semispherical dome clad in smooth, shimmering zinc. This new crown gives the whole building a distinctive new profile. And it gives spa guests the opportunity to get out of the basement and into glorious natural light.

The London design features nine treatment rooms, including an ultra-luxurious double suite on the Hotel’s northern point featuring 180-degree views of Hyde Park and Park Lane.

In keeping with London’s reputation for contemporary style, the space is sleek and streamlined with an organic blend of dark wood and light stone. Sensuously curved white ceilings are reminiscent of clouds.

In London, when you enter the Spa, you’re immediately greeted by a floor-to-ceiling glass wall with an unexpected view over Hyde Park’s greenery.

Each treatment room features floor-to-ceiling windows with white-clouded glass at top and bottom for privacy and a clear viewing portal in the centre.

You can enjoy the view as you sit for a complimentary foot massage, then if you wish, silk drapes may be drawn to create a dark cocoon. All treatment rooms are multifunctional, so you can stay in the same space for a facial, body wrap and massage.

Four Seasons puts a focus on providing unique treatments at each spa. There’s an aim to reflect the hotel’s local culture, so you can have an authentic Balinese massage at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay or a hydrating facial in the desert at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North. The treatments often include indigenous local ingredients, such Provençal lavender, Mexican green coffee and Hawaiian seaweed. You can also find leading-edge skincare lines and the latest therapeutic technologies.

A key differentiator in Four Seasons spas is the consistently high standard of service. Only the most expert therapists and aestheticians are hired. In London, all staff are trained to analyse skin accurately in order to choose the most effective care. There’s a focus on customising each treatment for each guest, recognising the individual’s unique needs on a given day, if they’re particularly stressed or have a specific skin condition.

As your Four Seasons spa journey comes to an end and you head back into the world, the goal is for the effects to linger with you, helping you feel relaxed, recharged and ready to come back soon.