Crystal Esprit Launched After Christening in the Seychelles


Crystal Cruises, the world’s most awarded luxury cruise line, officially welcomed Crystal Esprit to its fleet of ultra-luxury vessels on Sunday 20 December 2015, as the sleek yacht was christened in an elegant ceremony held at Eden Island Marina in Mahé, Victoria, Seychelles. Crystal’s president and CEO, Edie Rodriguez, welcomed a distinguished audience of local dignitaries, yacht guests, travel partners and professionals and executives from the line’s new parent company, Genting Hong Kong (GHK), for a day of celebration, as Crystal Esprit marks the beginning of one of the most significant brand expansions in luxury travel and hospitality history.

crystal_esprit_roomAs Crystal Esprit embarks on her maiden voyage, guests will be ushered into the new era of Crystal Cruises: one of new destinations and new ways to get there, one that caters to those passionately curious about the world and actively seeking adventure. While the yacht will sail to destinations throughout the Seychelles, Cosmopolitan Emirates, and Mediterranean that are most coveted for their outdoor opportunities and appeal to explorers of all persuasions, the vessel itself is outfitted for adventure, so luxury travellers need not limit themselves to what’s available shore-side.


Whether guests are seeking underwater adventures, high-speed adrenaline-inducing experiences or physically challenging and athletic pursuits, they need look no further than Crystal Esprit’s retractable marina. Tucked sleekly inside this extravagant yacht is an arsenal of water toys, beckoning Crystal guests – discerning travellers who seek unexpected, uncommon and truly memorable experiences – to come and play.

crystal_espri_marinaWater skis, a wakeboard, two types of ocean kayaks (do you fancy a tandem paddle or some solitude?); Skidoo jet skis, two 10-person zodiacs, contained in-ocean pool…plus, fishing and snorkel equipment at the ready – all for complimentary use on a first come, first served basis. For those ready to dive deeper, literally, a C Explorer U Boat Submarine will be available for subaquatic quests. Offering approximately 30-minute expeditions for US$599 per person, the sub seats two guests and the vessel’s operator, creating an especially exclusive atmosphere. Additionally, a 12-passenger Wider 32-foot super yacht tender will take guests on special boating adventures.

Beyond the posh surroundings, elegant al fresco dining, luxurious penthouses and spectacular destinations… Crystal Esprit is outfitted to provide guests with virtually any adventure they can imagine.


Of course, Crystal Esprit will also offer Crystal Adventures ashore that highlight the natural wonders and opportunities for intrepid travellers in each locale. Zip lining in the Seychelles, culinary tours throughout Greece and acrobatic flights aboard a stunt plane in Croatia are all on the menu. Additionally, the yacht will offer bicycles for guests’ use if they choose to explore independently ashore. With the launch of its first new vessel in 12 years – the first of several new experiences planned over the next three years – Crystal has made every effort to ensure that possibilities and choices are all but endless.

For the world’s most awarded luxury cruise line – a company lauded for over two decades for its superior standard of excellence and sophistication – it’s clear that luxury extends beyond the six-star cuisine, all-penthouse accommodations, plush amenities and wishes granted at every turn. Luxury reaches as far as the imaginations of travellers who seek it, and for some, the fun begins in the Crystal Esprit marina.