Chic Outlet Shopping launches Luxury Shuttle Service

Chic Outlet Shopping has launched a luxury shuttle service that offer customers a transport solution operating from the heart of European cities: London, Dublin, Madrid, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Munich, Milan, Paris, Brussels and Maastricht to each of the nine corresponding Chic Outlet Shopping Villages in partnership with some of Europe’s leading travel excursion operators.

The service provides customers with a seamless mode of transport, a scenic option where comfort is the key to enjoying the regional vistas en route.

The luxury outlet Villages are located no more than an hour outside of a major European city, and have been designed to reflect the charm and sophisticated ambience of the region in which it lies. Boutiques from a constantly evolving selection of the finest international designer brands, mixed with niche European collections and prices reduced by up to 60% and sometimes more off the recommended retail price, all year round, combined with restaurants and cafés serving local cuisine make for a perfect day out and a little escapism from the urban pace of the city.

Shopping Express tickets can be purchased online up to 48 hours prior to departure (with the flexibility to amend a booking also up to 48 hours prior to departure as well).