British Airways to Start A380 Flights to Johannesburg

British Airways is to launch Airbus A380 flights to Johannesburg from 12Feb14. The airline will initially operate three A380 services a week to South Africa’s financial capital. This will increase from 10Mar14 to six flights per week.

The airline’s A380 begins flying five times a week to Los Angeles from 24Sep13, and will increase operations to double daily flights to Hollywood from 10Apr14. The aircraft is due to begin flying daily to Hong Kong from 22Oct13.

British Airways’ A380s will accommodate 469 customers across four cabins. Customers in First will be seated at the front of the main deck. The First cabin will offer 14 seats and is evolved from the current First class with 30% more personal space and 60% more personal stowage.

Club World (business class) customers can choose from 44 seats on the main deck, or 53 seats on the upper deck. These upper deck seats will feature a new 2:3:2 configuration across the cabin.

The A380’s innovative design makes it much quieter during both take-off and landing, as well as during the flight itself. It is also 16% more fuel efficient than a Boeing 747. British Airways has ordered 12 A380s for delivery by 2016. Three will arrive this year followed by a further five in 2014.

A380 enthusiasts eager to be on the very first BA A380 flight to Johannesburg should note that the date for the inaugural flight is likely to be earlier than 12Feb14. BA are expected to make an announcement in due course.