Welcome to First Class Travel Specialist

FirstClass.com.au was established in 2000.

We specialise in First and Business class flights.

We Offer Complete First Class Travel Management – planning and booking your flights with cash or points.
Airfares are soaring post Covid

We believe the best way to book your flights is planning early, incorporating both cash and points solutions.

The BEST first and business class flight specialist MUST command both cash and points booking skills and understand luxury travel in general, to organise the travel bookings cost effectively and smoothly.

Let our first class specialists help you plan, monitor and secure your flights with reward points or cash.

Our first class membership come with these benefits:

  • Dedicated first class travel specialist who is your person travel PA.
  • We plan, design, monitor and book your flights, which meet your requirements.
  • Discounted service fees for cash flights bookings and points redemption.
  • Free points advisor annual subscription, valued at $99.
  • We help you manage your reward points, earning faster and redeeming for first & business class with the least points.
  • Free ‘first class hotel club’ platinum annual subscription, value at $199 (We can have 3 levels, $49, silver, discount of 3%, $99, gold, discount of 5%, platinum, discount of 8%, when the online booking engine is available.)
  • Discount of cruises (up to 5% of your cruise fares platinum)
  • Membership annual subscription $599, launch special $0 for travellers with annual travel budget of $100+, or $399 if falls below (We can charge them first, then use it towards bookings over $100k)

Any one of the services above may exceed the membership cost in one booking.

Why hire a PA doing your travel at $70k a year, when you can hire us for $599, who knows first class travel better than your PA?

You do not have to join our membership to try our service, we treat all our clients with sincerity, care and provide great services and value.

Our membership is best for clients who:

  • Travel frequently, minimum twice a year, with a travel budget of $50k+.
  • Are time poor and reply on the experts in doing it right, at a reasonable service fee.
  • Need our expertise in luxury travel in choosing the best travel products that suit them
  • Need our expertise earning and redeeming points the right way

Our membership is not suitable for clients who:

  • Seek the lowest price and do not require services or not willing to pay a service fee to agents in terms of booking flights, after recently airlines dropped agent commission to 0-1%.
  • Without an agent, You are on your own.
  • Have time to contact airlines direct for information, amendment or cancellations.

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Call: 1300 30 80 81

We look forward to organising your future first class trips.