Translated as ‘Faraway Heaven’, Raiatea is known for the second largest island in French Polynesia and is brimming with rich cultural and historical significance in the heart of the Society Islands. For an introduction into the native plants on the island, stroll through de Faaroa Botanical Garden and make your way to Fa’aroa Bay.

Kayak down Fa’aroa River and journey on an Island tour cruising through sacred lands unearthing the rich culture passing through the Taputapuatea. For some cultural and historical perspective on the island, voyage to Taputapuatea Marae. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this open air temple is a ceremonial and burial site dedicated to the god of war and fertility, Oro.

Heightened by the over abundance green peaks and immaculate waters, Raiatea is filled with natural beauty. Discover Mont Temehani and Mont Tapioi showcasing stunning mountain peaks filled with Tahitian chestnut tree and surrounded by unspoiled waters. Explore the natural wonders by hiking the magnificent Three Waterfalls cascading through the rainforest. Take the road road less travel through hiking Randonnée des Gabbros and La crête de Macaranga. Regardless of your adventure at Raiatea, there are an endless exploration waiting to be discovered.

Image credits: Gabor Koszeg, Baptiste Riffard, Reiseuh, Cosmic Timetraveler