Pago Pago

Perched on the South Pacific Ocean, Pago Pago is the capital of American Samoa and home to extensive area of rainforest, kaleidoscope of coral reefs and pristine waters. Dive right into Palagi Beach for some picturesque views of lush green mounds and crystal clear waters.

For a marvellous panoramic view of the surrounding iridescent waters and lush green rainforest, head into the National Park of American Samoa for some light hikes admiring the native fauna along the way all the way to Mt Alava. Enjoy the highest peak on the island of Tutuila at Matafao Peak with an elevation of 653 meters above sea level. Other iconic attraction includes Vai’ava Strait National Natural Landmark or for some astonishing views of the waters head to Blunts Point Trail, Faga’alu Park and Fagatele Bay Trail

Visit a favourite local beach at Two Dollar Beach presenting an otherworldly underwater wildlife. All the while you’re enjoying the the gorgeous beauty of Pago Pago, jump into Tauese P.F Sunia Ocean Centre to learn about the cultural heritage featuring exhibitions, learning tools and understanding the natural environment. For more historical heritage, head into Jean P. Haydon Museum to learn about the Samoan culture.

No matter where you’re venturing the stunning island, there is always a story to be discovered and new knowledge to be found.

Image credits: David Mark, Mareko Tamaleaa, Adli Wahid, Ethan Elisara