Located between two iconic cities Sydney and Melbourne, Eden is famous for its magnificent whale watching location. Embellished in small-town charm, Eden is bordered by beautiful national parks and immaculate beaches.

Gazing out into Twofold Bay, Aslings Beach is a local favorite for visitors. Take an educational endeavour and head to Eden Killer Whale Museum or Eden Lookout and Rotary Park. For the road less travelled, head to Ben Boyd National Park for the Light to Light walk and Green Cape Lighthouse or journey to Mount Imlay National Park for some scenic hiking at Mount Imlay Sunmit Walking Track.

For nature lovers, picnic at Bittangabee or take a relaxing stroll with gorgeous views of the South Pacific Ocean. Eden is the perfect blend of quite and peace amidst two bustling cities.

Image credits: Jack Bassingthwaighte, Kramer Photography, Destination NSW


Eden, located on the deep waters of Twofold Bay, is surrounded by pristine national parks and stunning beaches. This location makes it an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts. The bay, one of the deepest natural harbours in the world, is not only a scenic wonder but also plays a pivotal role in the region’s whale-watching activities, especially during the annual migration of humpback and southern right whales.


The town’s history is deeply intertwined with the sea. Eden’s past as a whaling center is preserved at the Eden Killer Whale Museum, a must-visit for history buffs. This museum showcases the unique relationship between early whalers and the killer whales in the area, particularly the famous orca named Old Tom.

Local Attractions and Activities

Eden is a haven for outdoor activities. The Ben Boyd National Park, named after the 19th-century entrepreneur and pioneer, offers spectacular hiking trails, bird watching, and secluded beaches. Another highlight is the Light to Light Walk, a multi-day hike that showcases the stunning coastline. For a more leisurely experience, stroll along the Aslings Beach Boardwalk or explore the town’s charming Seaside Arts and Crafts.

Culinary Delights and Nightlife

Eden’s culinary scene is a delight, with an emphasis on fresh, local seafood. The Wharfside Café offers stunning bay views along with its catch-of-the-day menu. For a unique dining experience, visit Drift Eden, known for its innovative dishes and local produce. As night falls, the town’s quaint pubs and bars, such as the Great Southern Inn, provide a cozy atmosphere for relaxing and socializing.

Historical Places to Visit

The Eden Heritage Walk is a journey through time, allowing visitors to explore historical landmarks like the Cocora Cottage and the Rotary Lookout. The town’s maritime history can also be experienced by visiting the Seahorse Inn, a beautifully restored 19th-century hotel.

Shopping and Souvenirs

No visit is complete without taking a piece of Eden home. The town’s boutiques and galleries, such as the Sprout Eden and the Cat Balou Gallery, offer a range of locally crafted souvenirs, from artisanal goods to beautiful artworks.

Must-See Restaraunts

  • Drift Eden: For a taste of local produce in creative dishes.
  • Hooked on Seafood: Ideal for seafood lovers looking to savor the fresh catch from local waters.
  • The Heritage House: A perfect spot for a cozy meal in a historical setting.


In conclusion, Eden is a destination where history, nature, and culture intertwine, offering cruise passengers an enriching and diverse experience. Whether it’s exploring the natural wonders, delving into the historical past, or simply enjoying the local cuisine, Eden is a port that promises lasting memories.