Cape Adare

Marking the north end of Borchgrevink Coast, Cape Adare was
discovered by Captain James Ross in 1841. It is one of the principal
sites of early human activity in Antarctica. In January 1895, Norwegian
explorers Henrik Bull and Carsten Borchgrevink made the first
documented landing on Antarctica at Cape Adare. Borchgrevink
returned as the commander of the British Southern Cross Expedition,
1898 -1900 which became the first expedition to overwinter on the
Antarctic mainland. Despite never receiving the heroic status of Scott or
Shackleton, Borchgrevink’s expedition paved the way for the Heroic Age
of Antarctic explorers that followed.
Cape Adare is also the site of the largest Adélie penguin rookery in the world, comprising approximately 220,000 breeding pairs. If time and weather permit, you will have the opportunity to view the historic site along with the resident wildlife.