Tucked away around Emu Bay, Burnie is previously known for its industrial centre and has now been transformed into an artistic hub. Go on a classic stroll on the beachside town and discover an eclectic mix of restaurants, bars, cafes, boutique shops and local produce. For an in-depth history tour, visit Burnie Regional Museum and appreciate historical artefacts and an array of displays.

Dive right into the heart of Burnie at the Makers Workshop, an all encompassing place housing modern museum, arts centre, gallery and workshops. Get behind the scenes in paper making, cheese tasting, ceramics making, textiles, glass art, print makers, sculptors and an endless form of mediums. Nearby, spot some adorable penguins at Little Penguin Observation Centre and head down Burnie Park overlooking the Bass Strait.

Picnic at Fern Glade Reserve and explore the tranquillity of a riverside walk blanket by tree ferns as the Emu River weaves through the forest. Be enamoured by the gorgeous rhododendron at Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden presenting an abundance of colours and flowers. Admire the stunning scenery by dining in at the Garden Tearoom.

Just south of Burnie, come over to Guide Falls Farm and adored the friendly animals of alpaca, emus, goats, rabbits, sheep, llama, ducks and more. Grab your cameras, and take magnificent views of the cascading Guide Falls. Explore Hellyers Rd Distillery, a boutique international award whiskey distillery founded by a group of dairy farmers showcasing some of the world’s best whiskey. No matter your travel style, explore Burnie by simply being there.

Image credits: Graham Freeman, S Group, Jess Bonde, Tourism Australia