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As one of the “Best Design Hotels in China”, Songtsam lodges are designed and decorated with unique elegance.

Songtsam Lodges sit in unique locations with breath-taking views from each room; hide away from tourists or noisy towns. Locations are at carefully chosen spots to show the region’s stunning scenery encompassing cultural and natural diversity, from green valley to snow capped mountains, each lodge represents a distinctive experience. Travelling through different lodges, one can experience all four seasons and feast on the diverse scenes and vistas

As one of the “Best Design Hotels in China", Songtsam lodges are designed and decorated with unique elegance. With handpicked genuine style furniture, Tibetan carpets and art collections, Songtsam lodges are not just hotels, but more importantly, venues to showcasing lifestyle and culture.

Songtsam Shangri-la is the flagship lodge of Songtsam Lodges, it is originally known as Songtsam Hotel or Songtsam Lugu Hotel .The lodge is housed in a traditional Tibetan dwelling within this typical, self-sufficient Tibetan farming village where the founder of Songtsam, Baima Dorjie, spent his childhood. One complimentary ticket for Songzanlin Monastery is provided for each guest at Songtsam Shangri-la.

Songtsam Meili overlooks the majestic Meili Mountain Range. Most of the rooms have a stunning view of Meili, a memorable experience for every guest who stays here.Gujiunong, where Songtsam built the lodge of Meili, is a tranquil village inhabited by only five families who practice polyandry. This is also one of the few places where traditional Tibetan herding and farming are still practiced. Guests take a challenging hike day to the summer pasture of the village will have a rare opportunity to see the beautiful area and learn about the traditional life style.

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