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A paradise designed to benefit your health and well-being. A private universe of luxury where body and soul meet in harmony.

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Stay Period: Now – 31Dec20

Get a 10% discount in accommodation when you booking your stay at least 45 days in advance.


Rates per person for 7 nights in Euros start from €8,320 based on twin share in a Deluxe Room with Mountain View with both adults participating in the Essence Wellness Programme.


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  • Offer valid when you book a health program lasting at least 7 days, and make the booking at least 45 days in advance.
  • Offer does not include the Presidential & Royal Suites, neither SHA Residences.
  • The offer can not be combined with other offers or promotions.
  • The promotion does not apply to stays during the Holy Week (the week before Catholic Easter), May and August.
Get a 10% discount in accommodation when you booking your stay at least 45 days in advance.

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  • Stay Period: Now - 31Dec20
  • Offer subject to availability.
  • Offer valid when you book a health program lasting at least 7 days, and make the booking at least 45 days in advance.
  • Offer does not include the Presidential & Royal Suites, neither SHA Residences.
  • The offer can not be combined with other offers or promotions.
  • The promotion does not apply to stays during the Holy Week (the week before Catholic Easter), May and August.
  • *Rates are subject to availability and may change without notice. Rates may differ at time of booking due to seasonality, international exchange rates and availability. For additional room types and further information on terms and conditions, please confirm with our Travel Specialists at time of booking

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Deluxe Suite

The Deluxe Suite at the Sha Wellness Clinic is equipped with the most advanced technologies and the best services. A  70m2 carefully created space for guests to enjoy a pleasant and ideal stay. Deluxe Suite offers lots of services depending on each person needs. A deluxe stay in a suite with excellent surroundings & views of the sea or the mountains (upon request).

sha-wellness-spain-superior-suite,sha wellness clinic

Superior Suite

The convenience and the comfort are distinctive elements of the Superior Suite at the SHA Wellness Clinic, one of the most exclusive rooms of the Sha Wellness Clinic, which has an ensemble of features that guarantee guests the best stay ever in an impeccable environment and with all the luxurious features. The room is 100 m2 in size; it has a large terrace and views of the sea or the mountain.

sha-wellness-spain-grand-suite, sha wellness clinic

Grand Suites

The Grand Suite, 120 m2 in size, has a separate bedroom, where guests can enjoy all the luxury services and features, elegant decor and the best technology. You will definitely have a very special stay in the Grand Suite.

sha-wellness-spain-presidential-suite, sha wellness clinic

Presidential Suites

The Presidential Suite at the Sha Wellness Clinic, 175 m2 in size, is undoubtedly one of the best and most exclusive rooms of the SHA Wellness Clinic medical spa. There are many details that make the presidential suite of the medical hotel very special and complete. It has the very latest technology and the services available are intended to guarantee the most satisfactory stay possible.



Looking for an unravelling surrounding, in which to breathe peace, with an excellent climate and with amazing views that will leave you breathless? Then Sha Wellness Clinic Wellness Clinic and Resort is the destination for your next holiday. A paradise designed to benefit your health and well-being. A private universe of luxury where body and soul meet in perfect equilibrium. A source of life in which hospitality and excellence are core values.

Sha Wellness Clinic is a pioneering well-being clinic and medical hotel, focused on improving and notably lengthening people’s health and well-being. This is done through the unique fusion of the best natural therapies, mainly from millenarian Eastern wisdom combined with the most advanced Western techniques. 

At Sha Wellness Clinic they do not simply understand health as the absence of illness, but rather as one’s overall well-being both physically and mentally. This can be achieved in many ways, such as through obtaining your ideal weight and increasing your level of vitality, allowing you to enjoy your true potential.

Situated on Albir Beach, nearby the picturesque town of Villa de Altea (Region of Valencia), the medical hotel Sha Wellness Clinic sits on a beautiful mountainside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and part of the Sierra Helada Natural Park, one of Spain’s foremost ornithological reserves. The mild and agreeable micro-climate of the area guarantees fantastic temperatures all year around, and the area is recognized by the World Health Organization as having one of the World’s best climates, this in itself being an important factor for the maintenance of optimum health.



SHA Wellness Clinic is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea between the bay of Altea and the natural park of Sierra Helada.


The Park

More than 5000 m2 of natural park surrounded by cliffs on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.


The Climate

Located in front of the Mediterranean is a microclimate considered by the World Health Organization as the best climatology in the world.



Very close to SHA Wellness Clinic, you can enjoy picturesque villages like the charming village of Altea. An enclave that exudes health and harmony, by its intense blue light, contrasted with the white houses and the views to the Mediterranean sea.



Sha Method

Lifestyle and nutrition condition, together with genetics, depict their health and well-being. The SHA method integrates the most effective natural therapies with highly therapeutic nutrition, without neglecting the latest advances in Western medicine, especially in preventive medicine, genetics and anti-aging. The coordinated and supervised fusion of these therapies significantly enhances the positive impact that these therapies would have on an individual basis.


Healthy nutrition

“Let food be your medicine, and medicine your food” Hippocrates.

SHA Nutrition is a healthy, natural, energetic and balanced nutrition inspired by millenary principles, adapted to modern life, with a flexible, practical and attractive approach, respecting what nature offers at every moment of the year and in each place, personalizing it depending on the needs of each person.


Natural Therapies

The search for balance. At SHA we offer you the most effective natural therapies that aim to enhance the healing power of your body, providing the tools and knowledge necessary to transform us into managers of your own health.


Re-education of habits

A journey of ten thousand kilometers begins with a single step

The goal is to ensure that you maintain indefinitely the state of health you achieve in SHA. For this we have created SHA Academy, a selection of conferences, healthy cooking classes, relaxation, meditation, yoga, breathing, mindfulness session and other group activities that will provide you with the tools and knowledge to enjoy optimum physical, mental and Long-term.


Inner Balance

Disconnect to connect with yourself. Meditation, mindfulness, yoga, pilates, tai chi, stress management and coaching are some of the therapies that allow you to achieve a perfect inner balance to enjoy good emotional health, which directly affects the general well-being of the human being.


Healthy-aging, Regenerative Medicine, Preventive Medicine and Genetics

How to live more and better. The goal is not only to prevent or reverse premature aging after diagnosing its causes, but also to stimulate and recreate the natural processes and metabolic systems. The anti-aging therapies of SHA are oriented to allow the enjoyment of life with health and vitality, regardless of the stage in which we are in.


Aesthetic Medicine

Natural beauty. In SHA it is possible to delay the signs of aging by providing a healthy, youthful and natural shine to your skin, improving not only the physical aspect, but also the confidence in yourselves.

All the methods used share the philosophy of SHA: minimally invasive with excellent results, allowing the patient an immediate return to the daily routine. In addition to manual techniques, SHA uses the most modern, innovative and effective latest generation of devices for body, facial and capillary treatments.



“We must cultivate the vigor of the body, to conserve the spirit” Luc de Clapiers. Physical activity is essential for the maintenance and improvement of health as it contributes to prolonging life and improving its quality.

At SHA we have assembled an outstanding human team composed of professionals specialized in physiotherapy, osteopathy and personal training, with whom you can perform trainings according to your needs.


Cognitive Stimulation

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano. The goal is that you enjoy your full potential not only physically but also at the mental level, so we are concerned with using the most valid current scientific knowledge that, together with new technologies, allow us to enhance the cognitive capacities of our guests .



SHA Academy

At SHA they have a treasure trove, the keys to achieve overall health, and the vocation is to share it with the guests. For this we have created SHA Academy, a daily programme of talks, exercises, walks and conferences, that you can enjoy in a group or privately, so that after your stay in SHA, you can retain the knowledge that will allow you to pursue a healthier life.


The Chefs Studio

Learn how to prepare delicious and healthy recipes following SHA’s culinary secrets.


Mind & Body

A series of relaxation exercises that connect mental tranquility and body energy.



  • Mindfullness
  • Tai Chi
  • Meditation



Their personal trainers will teach you how to exercise, revitalize and keep yThe body in shape. Fitness Activities include:

  • Walk to the lighthouse
  • Nordic Walking
  • Aquagym
  • Fitness center
  • Pilates
  • Kick boxing



Relax in the movie area and enjoy live music at dinner time

  • Cinema
  • Live Music



They’ll share their research on the benefits of natural therapies and healthy eating. Combined with centuries of oriental medical wisdom integrated with the latest advances in Western medicine.


Personalised Diets

SHA offers three different types of healthy eating menu (SHA, Biolight and Kushi) in order to meet all of the guests’ needs and goals. These menus are different every day at lunch and dinner. With the help of the expert consultants in healthy nutrition, they are customised to suit each of the guests’ particular needs.


Sha Menu
Their gastronomic menu is very comprehensive. It is intended for those who are visiting SHA and who wish to learn about a healthier diet without compromising on the amount of food nor their gourmet tastes. Although it also follows the principles of the SHA diet and healthy nutrition, the menu is noteworthy for how well all of the dishes in it are prepared and the attention to detail in them. Lunch and dinner both include a starter, a choice between two main courses (usually one with fish and the other with whole-grain pasta) and a dessert.


Biolight Menu
This is the intermediate version of the SHA healthy nutrition diet, designed for those who wish to use their time in SHA to take a bit more care of themselves than usual and learn about healthy eating and the benefits it brings, without setting themselves detox or weight control goals that are too strict. It is the gastronomic menu we normally recommend for the guests who come with other health programmes such as for anti-stress, anti-tobacco or rejuvenation. Lunch includes a starter, a main course and a dessert (if desired), whereas dinner only includes the first and second courses. This menu is part of a healthier diet and its ingredients usually include fish three times a week and pasta twice a week, while allowing for a sparing use of oil and nuts.


Kushi Menu
This is the strictest and most restrictive gastronomic diet, but this does not mean it is less healthy. It is recommended for those who aim to control their weight or intensively detoxify their body, being a perfect complement to the weight loss program. It has smaller portions and also does not include certain healthy ingredients like oil, baked flour, nuts, pasta or oats. A little salt is also added. Fish is only included once a week and the diet is characteristic for including a lot of algae and hearty soups like miso that help cleanse the body and provide energy and vitality.


Healthy Teas & Drinks
Let their professionals guide you through the exciting world of teas and natural juices so you can savour the health drink most suited to each individual at a given time.

In SHA we offer a wide selection of health drinks specifically tailored by their professionals to help you achieve your health and wellness goals: apple juice with kuzu, sweet vegetable tea, Mu tea, Kukicha or 3-year tea, bancha tea, agar agar tea, azuki bean tea, kombu tea, daikon tea, mugicha tea, shiitake tea, ume-sho kuzu tea…we have an extensive list of natural, healthy teas to suit all tastes and needs.              ‘


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