Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay

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An oasis of serenity, kissed by the pure sea and caressed by the gentle breeze… Discover the luxury of making time stand still.

Welcome to the Saint Tropez of Turkey, a unique resort first discovered by fisherman poets and sponge-diving painters, where Alexander the Great consorted with a warrior queen and where the sun sinks sighing in purple and orange over the placid waters of the Aegean, a place where time can stand still for you to make the most of every moment.

Your reflection catches your eye, captured against a background of the seafloor seen through the clear crystal blue waters of our private beach… Your soul opens its eyes and streches, gently awakened by the rejuvenating touch of a deep, slow massage… You find yourself again, cradled in the luxury of a aplace where time can stand still.

Designed to channel space, colour and form to enhance the beauty of the view from your windows across the walk-out balcony to the turquoise blue Aegean, to soothe and to satisfy, to make time stand still and let serenity embrace you in a cocoon of comforts and understated elegance.

Capturing the Aegean’s salty kiss, the Mediterranean’s sunny embrace and Asia’s exotic passion, dining at the Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay combines authenticity, inspiration and the region’s exceptional local seafood and produce to create a symphony of flavours that is as fresh as it is unique.

Our meeting and function spaces are designed to combine elegance and efficiency, providing the facilities and space whether you are hosting a corporate retreat, organising an academic conference or entertaining in style.

{$BOOKINGCOM}There is a sense of harmony and of serenity, of wholeness and nature that comes only from the balance of our five senses. At the Six Senses Spa, our aim is to offer a new kind of spa experience designed to enhance your well-being through mind and body balancing.

Invite your guests to experience the unique tranquility and elegance of the Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay, an idyllic setting for today’s stylishly serene and minimalist weddings.

Along with its secluded bays, hidden coves and historic treasures, Bodrum also offers all the delights of a world-class resort from authentic handicraft to gold, scuba diving and outstanding sailing, not to mention fine dining and world-class nightlife. In Bodrum, be as secluded or sophisticated as suits your mood.



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