Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

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Experience the world famous glass igloos, rustic log cabins & the Santa’s Home, at this unique Northern Lights resort.

2020 West Village Winter Rates

Travel Period: Now –  30Apr20

  Rates per night in Euros from
  Accommodation Type: Cabins / Chalets
1 double bed for 2 guests and 1 bunk bed for 2 guests,
max. capacity of 4 guests

  Shoulder Season:
01Apr20 – 30Apr20
High Season:
Now – 31Mar20
Single Occupancy €362 €441
Double Occupancy €472 €569
– Extra Adult €189 €226
Children Under 12 €156 €187
  Accommodation Type: Igloos
2 single beds, 1 toilet, shower & sauna facilities in a separate building,
maximum capacity of 3 guests with an extra bed
Single Occupancy €428 €486
Double Occupancy €559 €628
– Extra Adult €221 €246
Children Under 12 €180 €206


Rates Include:

  • Buffet breakfast
  • Local taxes
  • 3-course dinner


Half Board Plan – Included in room rates

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort offers guests a half-board plan included in the room price so they can fully concentrate in enjoying their stay.

Please let them know in advance for special dietary requirements.

  • Breakfast: All guests are provided a tasty and hearty buffet breakfast included in the room price.
  • Dinner: On offer is a local 3-course fixed dinner menu daily in their restaurants included in the room price.
    There’s always also a vegetarian option available. It is also possible to upgrade your dish on spot to your
    choice from our á la carte menu for extra supplement. You can also order thier Special Lappish dinner in
    advance. For Christmas and New Year’s Eve a special dinner applies, please see more info below.
  • Lunch: Lunch is served daily, which can be purchased on spot if you wish, thus it is not added to your
    booking. Please note that some activities also include lunch.


Mandatory Christmas Eve Dinner 24Dec19 – Applicable to all guests

  • 93 € / adult
  • 78 € / children under 12


Mandatory New Year’s Eve Dinner 31Dec19 – Applicable to all guests

  • 110 € / adult
  • 89 € / children under 12


Please note: 

  • Advertised rates are the lowest for each accommodation type, other accommodation types available, each having a minimum & maximum capacity & at a supplement, for more information please contact one of our Travel Specialists.
  • For any enquiries regarding specials or group travel, please contact one of our Travel Specialists for more information.
All accommodation prices include local taxes, buffet breakfast and 3-course dinner

Terms and conditions

  • This product is priced in EUR (EUR), AUD rates can fluctuate depending on exchange rates, final rates in AUD will be confirmed by your consultant at time of booking. Use currency converter as a GUIDE ONLY.
  • *Rates are subject to availability and may change without notice. Rates may differ at time of booking due to seasonality, international exchange rates and availability. For additional room types and further information on terms and conditions, please confirm with our Travel Specialists at time of booking

A holiday is such a short period that you probably want to get all the fun out of your special days. That’s whyKakslauttanen Arctic Resort have designed their place in a way that allows you to enjoy Lapland’s nature and culture comprehensively starting from personal accommodation.


Glass Igloos – there’s no better place to see the Northern Lights


Admire the northern lights and the twinkling of the bright starry sky in one o the Glass Igloos – either with a round of friends, or snuggled up romantically with your loved one. The two-person igloos include a toilet and the option of an extra bed. Saunas and showers are available in separate buildings. The four-person igloos include their own toilet & shower. The Glass Igloos are available to book all through the Northern Lights seasons, beginning from around the 24Aug until the end of April.

Kelo–Glass Igloos – combining the best of both world’s


The newly built Kelo-Glas Igloos combine the comforting warmth of the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resorts cost log chalets with the sensational views of their world famous igloos. Sleeping up to six and featuring a private sauna, fireplace, kitchenette, and a bedroom with a stunning glass roof, they’re made from Lapland’s unique Kelo pinewood. Take in the enchanting beauty of the Northern lights and the Lappish wilderness from the comfort of your own private hideaway.

Log Chalets


The Log Chalets for one to ten people are made of impressively large kelo pines – trees that once stood dead and dried out – and are designed in a rugged style that fits perfectly with their wild surroundings. While you won’t find widescreen TVs or dishwashers inside, you can enjoy even better sources of entertainment in every chalet- a fireplace and a sauna.

Snow Igloos


A night in of the resorts Snow Igloos is an Unforgettable Experience. Rarely does anyone get the change to sleep as cosily as they do in an ice-cool igloo that shields them from even the faintest outside noise. Even if the mercury dips to minus 40 degrees centigrade outside, the temperature inside is a consistent minus three to minus six. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort will provide everything you need for a cool, comfortable night in, such as a down sleeping bag.

Queen Suites


For lovebirds travelling together, this is a truly classy suite. The spacious 60m2 log chalet made of kelo wood features a great bathroom with conveniences like a bath tub and sauna. On  the terrace, there’s an outdoor Jacuzzi for relaxing bathing whatever the season.

Wedding Chamber


Earth lodges (kammi in Finnish) have been used as residences in Finland since ancient times. Their turf roofs conceal the, in the landscape, as if forest trolls had built them. It’s hard to imagine a more appropriate love nest – the earth lodge is the perfect hideout. And why rush out? After all, you do have a sauna and a great bathroom with bathtub all to yourselves.

Traditional House


In the almost century-old traditional house, you can immerse yourself in the authentic Lapland lifestyle of old. The hectic, modern rat race will feel like a distant memory as you rock comfortably in the rocking chair. The log house sleeps two people. And naturally, it features a sauna as well.

Gold Digger’s Chalets


How about staying on the banks of the golden river, in peace and quiet? These idyllic chalets have their own sauna, and in the front yard you’ll find a kick sled. This traditional Finnish winter runabout will get you to the restaurant or activity sites in no time.

kakslauttanen-arctic-resort-aurora- restaurant

Welcome to the World’s Most Enchanting Arctic Resort

Kakkslauttanen Arctic Resort is an enchanting, other worldly destination located 250km north of the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, just a four-hour drive from the Arctic Ocean. Since 1974, this family-run hotel has been offering year-round magical experiences in the pristine arctic wilderness. World-renowned for their iconic Glass Igloos and the magical Northern Lights – this resort also has plenty of other arctic secrets to explore. Here, you will be surrounded by some of the cleanest nature in the world with one of Finland’s largest national parks, Urho Kekkonen National Park, right next door. This region is steeped in rich culture of the indigenous Sámi people. Kakslauttanen has a deep appreciation for this local heritage – with nearly everything at the resort being created by local craftsmen and artists over the past 40 years. Kakkslauttanen warmly welcomes you to experience the magic of Lapland at their fine & completely unique world class resort.


The Surroundings

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is located right at the edge of the wilderness, along the road to the Arctic Sea.  It’s a mere stone’s throw to the Urho Kekkonen National Park, the largest of Fineland’s national parks. The Sami have inhabited the region for over a century. The surrounding environment is one of the cleanest you’ll find anywhere in the world, The water is so pure that you can quench  your thirst straight from the a stream running down the fell or the lake into which it flows, and the air is so fresh that you can feel it deep down in your lungs. Up here, winters are cold and summers comfortably warm. All in all, what you’ll find here is perfection.

Finland is one of the safest countries in the world, so Kakslauttanen is an easy and risk-free choice for a successful holiday. And the international staff are there to serve you in a variety of languages.


How to get there?

Although Kakslauttanen is located in the wilderness, it still benefits from excellent air and land transport connections. You can combine your stay in Kakslauttanen with a city break in Finland’s capital, Helsinki, as all flights to Lapland depart from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL). The closest airport to Kakslauttanen is Ivalo (IVL), which is just a 30-minute shuttle bus ride away. Our travel specialists can book your airport transfer at the same time as they are booking your stay. Ivalo is currently served by Finnair (from Helsinki all-year-round and London starting autumn 2017), Lufthansa (from Frankfurt) and Norwegian (from Helsinki). Schedules vary depending on the season. If you are touring around Lapland or flying to other airports in the region you can always take a bus to Kakslauttanen. Buses to and from Rovaniemi all stop at Kakslauttanen, and the journey takes about three hours. Tickets can be bought from the driver. For timetables, visit the website of Matkahuolto, a Finnish company that organizes bus trips nationwide. If you’re arriving by car, just type our address (Kiilopääntie 9, 99830 Saariselkä) into your GPS navigator and you’ll find the resort easily. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort offer free parking, and Lapland has excellent roads.



The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis

The North Lights or Aurora Borealis is one of the most fascinating natural phenomenons on the planet. The bright fascinating lights of the Aurora are actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere. The lights can be seen above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. Kakslauttanen is one of the best places in the world to see the nature’s most spectacular light show. The Glass Igloos and Kelo-Glass Igloos provide the best possible viewing experiences from the comfort of your own bed. The resort also provides various evening excursions where you can hunt for the Auroras in a reindeer, husky or horse sled or even by riding a snowmobile or quad bike. Unfortunately it is not guaranteed that you see them – however, the resort can give you  a few tips on how to maximise your chances. The Northern Lights can be seen from late August until late April, usually starting from around midnights and making their way across the entire sky. They can last for 5 minutes or the entire nights. So, if you are staying in a Glass Igloo or a Kelo-Glass Igloo, you can & should go outside when it gets dark- just remember to wear warm clothes.


Seasons &  Activities

Autumn – the Northern Lights & Natures Bounty

Autumn is a marvellous time for observing the Northern Lights. Autumn is a marvellous time for observing the Northern Lights, with the seasons starting around the 24 August when the night gets dark again. That is also when the resort open the Glass Igloo & Kelo-Glass Igloo for their guests. Autumn is the perfect time for hiking and other outdoor activities which include everything from horseback riding to gold panning. For roughly the first 3 weeks of September nature is ablaze in the colours of “Ruska”, a Finnish word for the seasons of leaves & autumn colours. From August to October, the forests are filled with mushrooms and berries. Due to the high exposure to sunlight in a short period of time, the region’s berries & mushrooms are both tasty and packed with vitamins. Travellers are free to help themselves to the natural treats provided by the forest & wetlands.

Please click here for more information regarding Autumn Activities at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort>>


Winter – pure snow, soothing silence & Northern Lights

The Polar night, or Kaamos, is a magical period on Lapland. Up north, the winter is long and enchanting. There’s snow on the ground from about mid-November until the end of April. In the heart of winter, from December to February, trees sag under the weight of the snow and there is little daylight. From early December, until mid-January they even have the Polar Night, when the sun stays below the horizon for six weeks. However, rather than it being pitch black outside, there’s a magical glow reflecting from the pure snow, which creates a unique light. In January and February, at sunrise and sunset the sky is painted with incredible shades of pink & purple, and just before the darkness arrives everything turns into a fairy-tale shade of blue. When the darkness settles, its creates the perfect canvas for the Northern Lights, framed by the thick layer of snow wrapping the viewer in a soft soothing silence.

Please click here for more information regarding Winter Activities at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort>>


Spring –  the joys of winter continue as nature awakens

During spring, all the winter activities are still available but the days quickly grow longer. In March & April there are long hours of daylight and the brightness is intensified by the white snow. What could soothe the soul more than cross-country skiing on the densely packed snow, or going for a reindeer sleigh ride in the crisp, bright spring sunshine? What’s more the Northern Lights can be seen right up until late April. In May Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is closed as nature transitions from Spring to Summer.

Please click here for more information regarding Spring Activities at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort>>


Summer – unforgettable experiences under the Midnight Sun

Summer in Lapland is intense – the sun never sets between mid-May and early August. Summer brings about an almost surreal feeling, when the Midnight Sun lights up the sky 24 hours a day. Between mid May & early August, the sun never sets, but this doesn’t mean scorching heat; rather, the weather is perfect for outdoor activities in the arctic landscape, which is filled with energy during the summer. Hiking, horseback riding or quad biking in the middle of the night under the glow of the Midnight Sun is an experience that will stay with you forever.

Please click here for more information regarding Summer Activities at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort>>



General Information:

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Average length of day:

  • Early January: Polar Night – no sunrise
  • Early February: sunrise 9.30 am, sunset 3.30 pm
  • Early April: sunrise 6.30am, sunset 8.30pm
  • Early Junne: Midnight Sun-no sunset
  • Early August: sunrise 3.30am, sunset 11pm
  • Early November: sunrise 8.30am, sunset 3.30pm

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Average Temperatures:

  • January: -15 °C
  • April: -3 °C
  • July: 15 °C
  • September: 6°C
  • November: -5 °C




Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Services & Amenities

Kakslauttanen might be situated in the wilderness, but that doesn’t mean you should expect to rough it when you arrive here – on the contrary in fact. Our international staff are here to serve – an indeed pamper – you in many different manner.


Smoke Saunas and Ice Swimming

While your’e in Finland, going to the Sauna is an essential part of your holiday .The heat will help you relax and unwind and relieve you of stress, both physically and spiritually. By the river, we have three different-sized smoke saunas, the largest one of which is the largest smoke sauna in the world. The three saunas can take up to 100 bathers at once. Each of them has a fireplace in the dressing room. At the end of the jetty, you can take a dip in the water, and don’t worry if it’s frozen over – they’ll cut you a hole in the ice. The refreshingly cold spring water is pure enough to drink. The smoke saunas are only available by special order because it takes six to ten hours to heat them up. In the Western Village there are two further smoke saunas at your disposal.



Restaurant Aurora (with Glass Igloo Bar) & restaurant Kelo (with a Piano Bar)
Restaurant Kelo in the East Village & Restaurant Aurora in the West Village offer local Lappish cuisine and are open daily for guests. Aurora is one fo the biggest log restaurants in the world and is home to our Glass Igloo bar where up to 50 guests can enjoy their drinks under the arctic sky. Restaurant Kelo was the first restaurant and has a charming rustic feel. Both restaurants are decorated with beautiful pieces of Lappish arts and have separate rooms for private events.

Restaurant Korsu
Korsu, which means underground in Finnish, was designed by owner Jussi Eiramo and young Lappish artist Essi Korva. Here, guests step into a mystical forest, admire the incredible fairy tale-like decorations-including lanterns made of reindeer skin – and relax in front of an impressive fireplace made up of seven smaller fireplaces. Korsu is located in the middle of the woods, and guests can, if they wish be taken there from the reception on a horse-drawn sleigh. The restaurant accommodation 150 people & must be booked in advance.



The Resort provides transport to and from Ivalo Airport for all guests. Kakslauttanen also has a bus with a glass roof available for group rental – perfect for seeing the nature of Lapland over a broader area while admiring the northern lights or the midnight sun.


Equipment Rental

Why take the trouble of bringin all your necessary clothing: winter overalls, rain clothes and rubber boots with you? At Kakslauttanen, they have a comprehensive selection of rental apparel available.  In addition to clothes, you can also rent skis’ snowshoes, sleds and bicycles.



Santa’s Home

This new area of Kakslauttanen has emerged a five-minute drive away from where they first started out. Deep in the heart of the forest, Santa’s realm opens up for you.


Visit Santa’s Home

After all these centuries, Santa has finally decided to unlatch the doors of his home to the public. The idyllic red chalet awaits visitors at the end of a beautiful wooden walking bridge, across a narrow river.


Celebration House

Santa’s Celebration House is quite a sight. Finland’s largest log building accommodates over 250 guests, whether they be dining, celebrating a wedding or enjoying a concert. For corporate clients, the Celebration House provides an excellent setting for various customer events. The elevated floor section enables impressive product launches for everything from perfumes to sports cars. Although built in the traditional way out of log, the house has been fitted with state-of-the-art audio-visual-equipment.


Weddings & Honeymoons

Winter Weddings

A winter wedding under the northern lights makes for a magical ritual. What else could be such natural phenomenon spell but eternal happiness? We build a special chapel out of snow for weddings, and the log chapel of Tieva, in the middle of the forest, also provides an ideal wedding setting. If they so desire, the bridal couple can rise to the wedding site on a sleigh, drawn by a reindeer or a horse.


Summer Weddings

“The night less night” will lend an unforgettable glow to a summer wedding. In the autumn, during the colourful ruska period, it is as if the entire nature of Lapland joined in on the exhiliating wedding atmosphere, as tree leaves an ground flora are ablaze in shades of red. Wedding cermenoies are held at the peak of the Kaunispää gfell, the island if Ukko – a holy island of the Sami – in Lake Inarinjäarvi, or Santa’s bridge, among other places. Kakslauttanen also have a portable wedding altar available that can be set up anywhere in the wilderness. A unique experience awaits you at the gold planning site, where the happy couple can pan for gold nuggets for their wedding rings.


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