Flight FAQs

Shall I Book One way or return?

Most tickets are valid for a maximum of one year. If you were to take a return ticket, and not use the return portion, on some tickets you can obtain a refund. However the amount you would be refunded would be less cancellation fees. 
Note that if you’re planning more than 3 months in Europe, you’ll likely need a visa, unless you have dual citizenship with a European passport.

Shall I Book Return vs Round the World Flights?

A return ticket is cheaper than a Round the World, however there are good value round the world tickets including with Finnair and Swiss Air, though these will include travel to the USA.
To avoid the USA you would have to go via South America in one direction as most Round the World fares stipulate one Atlantic Ocean crossing and one Pacific Ocean crossing as part of the fare rules. 
A full Round the World includes lots of opportunities to explore with up to 16 flights and 26,000 miles to play with. 
To quote a round the world, we need your proposed itinerary to ensure it fits within the fare rules. Alternatively, if you want to maximise the stops allowed in your tickets, specify the destinations you must include, we will advise the other stops for you to choose from.

Does Emirates have a lounge in Sydney Airport

No, Emirates do not have a lounge in Sydney Airport

What are the cancellation fees for Japan Airlines

Voluntary Cancellation starts from $600, however it can vary depending on your which airfare you purchased. It is best to speak to one of our Travel Specialists or contact the airline directly.

Involuntary reservation changes and ticket refunds for delayed or cancelled flights may be requested via the JAL call center (International Reservation and Information) or at a city/airport counter. For delayed and cancelled flights operated by other carriers, please enquire separately.