Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2016

Abu Dhabi again wraps up the Formula 1 season this year. Located on the spectacular Yas Island, the track is revolutionising the design of future Formula One circuits. It was also the first F1 twilight race, with powerful lighting ensuring a seamless transition from day to night.

Ferrari World Opens in Abu Dhabi

The much anticipated theme park, and the first attraction of its kind in the Middle East, has already captured the imagination of thousands around the globe with a range of unique and thrilling attractions including Formula Rossa, one of the world’s fastest roller coasters, and Speed of Magic, the region’s first four dimensional fantasy ride.

Abu Dhabi GrandPrix

Time:Friday 30th Oct – Sunday 1st Nov Venue: Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi vip soree

Emirates Palace

Emirates palace Abu Dhabi restaurant

The magnificent Emirates Palace is a national landmark and one of the most impressive hotels and conference venues ever built.