Luxury Holidays Syros

Syros’s glorious past can be seen in the neoclassical houses, exterior building’s facade, the City Hall, the Customs Office, the “Apollo" theatre, and the beautiful squares. Due to economic activity, Ermoúpoli, called “Manchester of Greece", years’ history blossom its exhibited Industrial Museum.
Syros authentic style combined with a calm atmosphere is ideal for visitors seeking a destination less busy than the neighbouring islands .
Syros is popular among families and couples, and the architecture of its main towns is one of the island’s most prominent highlights!
Syros is the perfect place for a tranquil holiday and ideal for enjoying pristine, empty beaches, traditional villages, excellent gastronomy, and local music.
Famous for its excellent restaurants, its rebetika music, and some delicious sweets such as loukoumi (Turkish Delight), mandola (Nougat), and halved pita (a softer kind of nougat).
Ermoupolis, the capital of Syros, shines with a myriad of neoclassical mansions of exquisite taste and elegance, beautiful churches, and romantic alleys. The city is also close to southern and western coasts.