Spain is a country that possesses a magnificent mix of art, culture, and architecture. It has a lot of beautiful cities and towns that vary in traditions, language, climate and customs. Even if you’ve travelled to Spain before each new trip will open up travel opportunities that you could never even have dreamed of. From the stunning Gaudi constructions in Barcelona, the royal palaces in Madrid to the Moorish castles in Granada and streamlined modern marvels of Valencia; Spain is the travel destination that keeps on giving.

Six Reasons for a Holiday in Spain

Nature Wealth

From deserts to tight forests, from white sandy beaches to snow-capped alpine mountains, Spain is a place of high natural contrasts and enormous natural diversity. In places like Granada, you can ski early in the morning, have a typical lunch in the city of Granada before visiting impressive Alhambra, and spend the afternoon having a bath in the Mediterranean Sea.


  • 300 days of sunshine every year
  • 1000 miles of coastline


From the Picos de Europa Mountains, with fairy places like the Covadonga Shrine, to the Snowy Mountain chain, in the unbelievable region of Granada, in Spain you can transport yourself to magical green worlds.

World Heritage Sites

Spain is home to plenty of shrines, castles, walls, forts, etc, definitely, any construction that can be named World Heritage. Here you can visit places such as the Alhambra in Granada, the mosque of Cordoba, Güell Park in Barcelona, Altamira Caves in Santander, the old quarters of Caceres & the city of Toledo, all of which are famous world heritage sites.


Spain boasts the largest art gallery in the world. In Madrid, you can see famous artworks such as; El Guernica in the Reina Sofia Museum, the Las Meninas in the Museum of El Prado and the Impressionist art at the Thyssen-bornemisza Museum.


Travel to and within Spain is easy and affordable, as most international flights land in Madrid. Spain also houses a modern and well-preserved highway network with deluxe coaches and high-speed AVE trains.


The people of Spain welcome visitors, with their arms wide open. They are warm, friendly, hospitable people, and this includes, above all, their guides and tour leaders.


Spain’s many cultural influences have created a delicious and varied cuisine. In every tapas bar, you´ll find Paella: rice, fresh vegetables, seafood and meat, flavoured with saffron, Jamón Serrano, Roasted suckling pig and some world’s very best wines.