Casablanca, Morocco

Found on the coastline of both the North Atlantic Ocean & the Mediterranean Sea, Morroco is an entrance to Africa and a country of intriguing diversity & contrasts. A holiday here offers views of picturesque mountain scapes, exploration of ancient cities & travel along sweeping deserts, all combined with a sense of pure and warm hospitality.

Casablanca lures visitors with its heady mix of neo-Moorish splendor and French influence. Known as “Casa" to locals, its streets exude an atmosphere of bygone days. Made famous by the 1942 eponymous film, today it is one of Africa’s most important ports. Parisian-style boulevards unfold past cafés and colonial buildings. The city’s medina is a maze of warrens pulsing with old-world energy, the hollers of carpet merchants and the fragrance of incense. The most impressive structure is the Hassan II Mosque, the country’s largest and most magnificent.

From the Saharan deserts to the peaks of the High Atlas, Morocco could have been created purely for the explorer. Its unparalleled landscapes offer simple, breathtaking pleasures, whilst its bustling cities are said to be some of the most exciting on the continent.  Discover the centuries old trail of the nomads & traders from the winding medina maze of Fez to the hustle & bustle of the street- theatre in Marrkaech, or perhaps you would prefer to find yourself amidst some of the glitzy new urban designs in Casablanca, Rabat & Tangier.  No matter your preference, here you will unmask this cultural haven & be transported to a country like non-other, where vibrant streets meet tranquil mosques, the scent of exotic spices lingers in the air & traversing the desert atop a camel is a daily routine.