Luxury Holidays Monaco

Monaco is all about high life. There is no doubt that it is considered as one of the wealthiest places in the world. Monaco is far from being the French Riviera’s prettiest town. You come to the right place with bits of everything combined in a quality textured lifestyle; art and culture, fun and leisure. It is the place to go for a dream holiday.

World-famous Monte Carlo is dominated by high-rise hotels, super yachts and apartment blocks that rise into the hills. In contrast, the rocky outcrop know as Le Rocher, juts out on the south side of the port, crowned by a rather charming old town and is home to the royal palace. We can describe the glamorous atmosphere for hours but it’s best for you to experience it yourself as that is the only way you can captivate the true feeling of being in this jewel spot.

Top Things To Do

Visit the Royal Palace

A visit to the Royal Palace is a must during your stay in Monaco. The Royal Palace is located up on the top of the hill and offers a magnificent view of the entire port below from the top of the hill. The palace district is such a beautiful historical part of the city and is definitely one of the top things to do in Monaco if you like history and architecture.

Take a walk along the coast and have lunch at the Yacht Club

One of the top things to do in Monaco is to stroll around during the day or night. You can walk along the beach towards the Monte-Carlo Country Club. Next to the country club, there is the Monaco Yacht Club where you can enjoy lunch. Keep an eye out, as you might see members of the royal family or a celebrity.

Enjoy one of the Beach Bars at the Port

There are several beach bars that are open at the port during the Summer. They’re not really on a beach, but they are by the ocean with spectacular views and seaside atmosphere. At night the port becomes quite vibrant and alive when the music starts pumping in the early evenings. There are a lot of people that gather around at the beach bars. This is one thing that will top up your list for sure as it really gives the best sense of what Monaco is all about.

The Casinos

For those of you who love gambling, there are three major casinos in Monte-Carlo and you can’t visit the country without partaking in its most famous activity. The most popular one is the Monte Carlo Casino, which is located in the centre of the town. This casino opened in the mid-19th century in order to save the Grimaldi family from bankruptcy.

Monaco Grand Prix

If you want to experience the Grand Prix, the best time to go to Monaco is at the end of May. There are many celebrities and wealthy people who arrive in Monaco just for this special weekend, and many throw fabulous yacht parties in the evenings. You will find some of the biggest yachts dock at the port of Monaco. The Grand Prix is a weekend you will never forget with it’s ambience that is simply electric thanks to live music, DJ sets, dancers and smoke machines.