Los Angeles, California

Discover the star-struck City of Angels, where the famous reside and dreams are made. From the excitement and life of Downtown, the 75 miles of picturesque coastline to Hollywood itself and the home of the stars in San Fernando Valley, there is something for everyone in this iconic city. Just take a stroll along the legendary Sunset Boulevard and you will feel like you are in a movie yourself..

Los Angeles, is filled with bright lights and is considered as the big-city allure of California’s largest metropolis. Here, you will find some of the A-list celebrities who walk the sidewalks, triple-shot macchiatos in one hand and mobile phones in the other. While travelers bypass throughout the city by staying on a network of freeways that crisscross the region, they’re missing L.A’s hidden gems.

There are many side streets where you can discover inviting neighborhoods, incredible museums and, some of the best shopping hot spots. When the sun sets, the city comes to life making you feel like you’re in a whole different world, with clubs thumping to the beat of the latest indie band and a flock of starlets swaying in the front row. L.A’s rooftop restaurants, bars, and pools draw out the crowds, while searchlights arc through the night sky, previewing the latest silver-screen premier.