Luxury Holidays Andros

With its wonderful nature, cosmopolitan main town, traditional villages and amazing beaches, Andros island is an all-time favourite for stunning gateways from Athens! It is among the nearest Cycladic islands to the Greek capital.
Authentic and peaceful, protected from mass tourism, the second largest island in the Cyclades is also the most fertile and greenest, thanks to its many springs and streams. It’s a natural paradise for hikers.
The northernmost island of the Cyclades has a long maritime tradition. Explore sandy beaches, rocky coastlines, water springs, hills and green plains!

Frankish castle is located on an islet across the main island connected with an arched stone bridge dating back to the 13th century. No wonder it is known to be home to many famous Greek captains and ship owners as it is considered the main village on the island, Chora. By the time you arrive at that beautiful place, one would significantly notice the combination of medieval, neoclassical and island-style houses. The village has an uncommon flight of stairs around the public square and narrow streets. It is recommended not to miss the remarkable churches and museums, and take a break in its beautiful shops, cafes and restaurants.