Round the World Business Class

Looking for Round the World Business Class flights?

We’ve selected the best round the world business class fares whether it’s for business class to Europe, Asia or the Americas! All fares advertised include taxes, and are currently the best offers from round the world airlines. Round the world business class airfares to subject to availability and changes.

If you can not find the fares for the dates required, call or email our round the world business class specialists and we will find you the best alternatives.

A Round the world ticket is the dream of every traveller. How else could you get a taste of every corner of the globe? And now there are increasingly more options for the comfort-oriented traveller as round the world Business Class fares become even more appealing in terms of price and destination options. Thanks to a growing number of airline alliances you can now fly practically anywhere in the luxury of Business Class for even less. Round the world Business Class tickets are the ultimate way to see the world.

If you use a European carrier such as Lufthansa, Swiss or Finnair your round the world itinerary can cost around the same as a Business Class airfare to Europe. But that’s with a lot of extra value. These carriers are often best for their flexibility and range of destination and itinerary options. But if you’re looking to maintain some brand loyalty or fly in a little more luxury, airlines such as Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines and Qantas all offer round the world Business Class itineraries from around the 10k mark.

However, with all airlines, the “from" price is only an indicator. Depending on where you are flying into and out of, when you’re flying, whether there any specials available and also if you are planning to move between some of the journey legs by land will all affect the price of your itinerary and it’s worthwhile keeping this in mind when formulating your round the world trip.

It’s a complicated and time-consuming process trying to figure out your own round the-world Business Class itinerary and to get the best deal you need and in-depth knowledge and years of experience to find your perfect ticket.

So why not get us to do the hard work for you? We can find you the best carriers, flight times and (most importantly) the best price while you don’t have to lift a finger! Submit your Round the World Fare Enquiry form here and sit back and relax as we organise your ultimate round the world adventure.