Terra Nova Bay

First discovered by Scott during his 1901-1904 Discovery Expedition,
the bay was named after one of the relief ships for the expedition.
Today, the Italian Zucchelli Station and Jang Bogo Station of South
Korea are located at the Northern end of the bay. To the south of the
bay lies the massive Drygalski Ice Tongue, extending over 70 kilometres
into the Ross Sea from the David Glacier. The David Glacier grounding
line, where the ice leaves the shore and begins to float, is in a depth of
approximately 1900 metres. The Drygalski Ice Tongue is thought to be
at least 4,000 years old and just over 24 kilometres at its widest point. If
time and weather permit, you will have the opportunity to explore the
spectacular coastal environments from our fleet of zodiacs.