Ramesh Gadugoyala


Tell Us About Yourself

I am an Accountant with a passion to do new things and be successful in my profession. Love to travel the world, and Cooking is my hobby.

Travel Quote That Inspires You?

“Explore the world-there is no limit or an end, and you will cherish every moment for life"- Ramesh Gadugoyala

What Is Your Favourite Travel Destination/ Experience & Why?

My Best Travel experience so far is my visit to Scotland. I will never forget this trip. I enjoyed the long drives to the beautiful castles, boat trips near Loch Lomond, and being on board the Royal Yacht Britannia. Fascinating museums and countryside, which showed the heritage and culture of Scotland. It was so peaceful and we had great weather to enjoy the holiday.

My next destination is to travel New Zealand. The landscapes and mountain ranges look spectacular!