Belinda Schapitz

First Class Travel Specialist

Tell Us About Yourself

A love of traveling inspired Belinda to join the travel industry and she now has 10 years of experience across the retail, group and event travel sectors. She has lived in the UK, traveled to 37 countries across Europe, North America, Asia and the South Pacific and dreams of one day attending the Eurovision Song Contest in person!

Area of Expertise:

Europe & the UK, rail travel, FIT and group touring including rail, coach, and cruise.


Travel Quote That Inspires You?

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world." -Gustave Flaubert

What Is Your Favourite Travel Destination/ Experience & Why?

London is my favourite place in the world. I was lucky enough to be living there in 2011 when the Royal Wedding happened & the atmosphere in the city was incredible! There were flags draped off houses, memorabilia in the shops and wall-to-wall coverage from local and international media. I got the day off work and joined the hundreds of thousands of people watching in Hyde Park before racing to The Mall to see William & Catherine drive past in the convertible Aston Martin. I will never forget how magical that day felt, but there is always so much to see and do that going back to London never gets old!