Arkaba Station

Two Night Wild Bush Luxury Experience
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This wild bush luxury offers wildlife, stunning outback scenery & a 5 bedroom heritage homestead.

Two Night Wild Bush Luxury Experience

Travel Period: 01Apr19-31Mar21

The focus at Arkaba is on the wildlife and wilderness and is supported by some key luxuries – great food, premium wines and supremely comfortable homestead guestrooms. The guides are essential in delivering the wilderness experience through their interpretation and knowledge of the flora, fauna and geology of the Flinders country.

The complete Wild Bush Luxury experience goes from one overnight stay, and includes full access across the property, with all chef-prepared meals and beverages as well as daily guided wilderness safari. The expert field guides pull together the incredible geological history, wildlife, and pastoral heritage of this region with 4WD safaris, guided bush walks, and a chance to take in the sights and sounds of the bush. Guests can expect around seven hours of tailor-made guided safaris each day.


Travel Dates Rates per person based on 2 people sharing from
01Apr19 – 31Mar21 from $1,070


Package Includes:

  • Full access across the property
  • All¬†chef-prepared meals and beverages
  • Daily¬†guided wilderness safaris¬†included in your stay
  • 4WD safaris
  • Guided bush walks and a chance to take in the sights and sounds of the bush (Guests can expect around seven hours of guided safaris each day that are tailored around specific interests of the group).


*Minimum stay of 2 nights required.

Full access across the property
All chef-prepared meals and beverages
Daily guided wilderness safaris included in your stay
4WD safaris
Guided bush walks and a chance to take in the sights and sounds of the bush (Guests can expect around seven hours of guided safaris each day that are tailored around specific interests of the group).

Terms and conditions

  • Travel Period: 01Apr19-31Mar21
  • Minimum stay of 2 nights required
  • Rates are for 2 nights per person based on 2 people sharing




Arkaba Homestead

With just five ensuite rooms, the restored Arkaba Homestead is an oasis of comfort and style amidst a harsh and rugged landscape, where guests enjoy a taste of classic Australian country hospitality. Proudly without wifi, telephones, televisions, minibars or any of the typical features of a hotel to distract, the focus is on the experience and one of the most beautiful properties in Australia.

In true Wild Bush Luxury understated Australian style, the homestead pays homage to its rich pastoral and exploration heritage in a manner that is both rustically chic and utterly exclusive. The hosts will ensure a friendly and personal level of service that is typically ‘down to earth’ but does not lose sight of the attention to the small details that are¬†so important in delivering an outstanding outback experience. The real luxury at Arkaba comes in sharing this spectacular conservancy with just a handful of other guests.



A comfortable library with deep leather armchairs and a large stone fireplace provides seclusion for enjoying a quiet drink and a good book, while dinner is hosted on the terrace overlooking the ranges. In the heat of summer, the swimming pool overlooking the Arkaba Creek is a welcome retreat after a morning or day spent exploring the bush.




Homestead Guestrooms

The original layout of 1850’s homestead has been retained, delightfully making all of the five guestrooms unique. Each has its own¬†character, designed with the homestead’s heritage in mind,¬†and has been named after an early settler, explorer or property owner. All have ensuite bathrooms and open out onto a shaded verandah with individual views of the surrounding ranges.¬†Four are located in the homestead, while the Coachman’s Cottage in the corner of the garden provides a fifth guestroom and is ideal for honeymooners.

The rooms are air conditioned / heated and the mix of king and twin beds have premium mattresses, organic cotton sheets, and a choice of pillows to ensure a great night’s sleep.

With decor by wildlife artist, Rosie Woodford-Ganf – think bedheads fashioned from recycled fence posts and fleeces, curtains tied back by gumnut tassles, lights perched on explorers’ tripod theodolites – the guestrooms retain a sense of history.




Bush Camps (Arkaba Walk Accommodation)

Located in some of the most scenic spots on Arkaba, the¬†camp sites have been built to blend as seamlessly as possible with the surrounding vegetation, while providing guests with stunning views from every corner of the camp. In tune with the sustainability principles, each camp has two waterless composting toilets strategically located to enjoy the best of the views, whilst remaining discrete. Walkers will enjoy two ‘bush showers’ – essentially buckets that camp assistants will fill by hand with water warmed over the fire, ready as you walk into camp, and equipped with taps to regulate the flow. Some special Wild Bush Luxury touches ensure these showers will be a feature of your trip!

One of five timber swag decks will be bed for the night. Each is slightly elevated with a half metre corrugated iron screen around three sides to give privacy, the fourth side is left open to the views over the countryside, while above you is the night sky and a canopy of stars. Each deck has been fitted with a sheltered area towards the back, where your swag beds will be placed in the event of wind or rain. Your bed itself is a ‘swag’ – the bedding of choice for generations of Australian pioneers, a canvas envelope that is comfortable and waterproof, protecting you from the elements. Inside each swag will be an all seasons sleeping bag with liner.




Arkaba Station, South Australia brings Wild Bush Luxury to the Flinders Ranges, with wildlife, spectacular outback scenery and a 5 bedroom heritage homestead, accommodating guests in classic country style in outback South Australia.


A private wildlife conservancy in the outback

Arkaba, a Wild Bush Luxury property in the Flinders Ranges is one of the most exclusive stays in Australia. Just ten guests at a time share this remote 60,000 acre private wildlife conservancy dedicated to the conservation Australia’s unique wildlife and birds. Mobs of kangaroos, emus and other abundant wildlife delight guests on open-top safari drives through the spectacular ancient landscape, while expert guides deliver a¬†unique tourism experience where guests get to touch, smell, and hear the stories of the environment.

Free Helicopter Safari
Exploring this ancient landscape by helicopter, hugging Wilpena Pound and the Elder mountain Range and then swooping down into Brachina and Edeowie Gorges is quite frankly just exciting. And the best thing of all, is that it’s with a complimentary three hour helicopter experience with lunch at the famous Prairie Hotel, one of Australia’s finest outback pubs!

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