Hayman High On Reopening

Management at Hayman are counting down the hours until its 01Aug11 debut, which is set to take centre stage once again as Australia’s leading domestic island resort. Following devastation to the grounds due to Cyclone Anthony in February, Hayman General Manager, Shane Green said the forced closure was a “difficult decision” but necessary to ensure guests received the high standard of experience and service expected of the resort.
Cancelling some 5000 reservations and offering international guests options to holiday in other areas of Australia at Hayman’s cost, the resort was also forced to relocate groups and managed to even convince postponements to some wedding plans.
“It was a hard task, but the bottom line is it was pretty traumatic for us,” Mr Green said during an exclusive luncheon in Sydney last week, created by Hayman executive chef, Glenn Bacon.
Most damage caused by the cyclone was limited to landscaping and the resort’s Azure restaurant, but Mr Green said they used the closure to reassess future plans which has now resulted in major landscaping, revamping their dining options and room structures.

On 01Aug11, Hayman will be expected to boast the title as the only botanical garden resort in the world, with over 400 species and 33,000 plants, created exclusively by celebrity horticulturist, Jamie Durie. The French feel of the resort, including the French Penthouse, has been removed to add a more Australian touch.
Changes has also been made to its fine dining concepts, with the hope being that it will further elevate the resort into a gastronomic destination for Australians and oversees guests.

Hayman Island Resort
Hayman, Australasia’s most awarded luxury nature resort, is a private island of astonishing natural beauty, restorative peace, adventure and indulgence. After its closure for repairs the Resort is set to reopen on 01Aug11 with special reopening offers on sale until 31Jul11!